Eleri Harris Joins The Nib as Associate Editor

Since its launch on Medium last year, The Nib has quickly grown into a comics publication larger than one person can run on their own. Today I’m glad to be joined by cartoonist and journalist Eleri Harris as our new Associate Editor.

From Vote First or Die: A short history of the New Hampshire Primaries, serialized at GoComics

A native Australian, Eleri was working as a reporter for the Australian Broadcast Corporation in 2010 when she was handed a copy of Joe Sacco’s The Fixer.

“I read the whole thing in one sitting and it blew my mind,” she says. “Sacco’s work was exactly what I wanted to do with comics.”

She decided to change careers almost immediately and began saving to attend The Center for Cartoon Studies in Vermont. She recently graduated from the school with a Master’s in Fine Arts and interned at the comics journalism magazine Symbolia.

“Basically, I moved to America for the comics scene,” she says.

Eleri will be working to help expand our line up of contributors, editing comics journalism, and contributing her own work to the section. We have a lot of plans.

On the Twitter: @EleriMai | @TheNib

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