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Media Blackout: This Definitely Real Map Shows I’m Right and You’re Wrong

Unbelievable, if true.

Donald Trump won not only the presidential election but the whole country. Did some states go blue? Only if you see colors. Electoral college vs. popular vote? Here’s another way to think about it: don’t.

I’ve run the numbers every way and there’s no mistaking the results.

Using a poll of polls model with my proprietary alt-cuck algorithm, I discarded all math and hired Macedonian teenagers to map a map in Mario Paint. The result? An image that indisputably shows a red America that you can share across Facebook to reinforce your beliefs without even reading these words. Take a look at what the failing media will not report and you will share, stupidly:

Please share widely and angrily without understanding the joke. Mark Zuckerberg thanks you for all the money he’ll make off this engagement, which he will brag about to investors and try to distance himself from in the press.

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