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Letter sent on Jul 28, 2016

Our only option is to draw a cartoon

We can really get behind this completely out-of-context Bill Clinton line:

Matt Bors

We’re entering the final night of our non-stop convention coverage. Now we want to draw your thoughts on the last two weeks.

Meh about Hillary? Scared of the Orange Man? Bored of the relentless pageantry? Reply to this email or comment below with your thoughts on the conventions; favorite moments, biggest outrages, ideas and issues ignored by the major parties.

Keep it pithy — we’ll select some later today and draw them up for tomorrow’s newsletter.

The Superdelagate system is changing—in little baby steps:

Andy Warner

Guccifer 2.0, you should definitely not hack Donald Trump’s tax returns, whatever you do.

Rob Rogers

Hillary’s Holdouts were a much bigger faction than the #BernieOrBust crowd

Eleri Harris

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