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Rescue Effort Still Underway to Save Boys Trapped in America

by Pia Guerra

Who Killed Smokey the Bear?

The newest episode of The Nib Animated examines the cruel facts of climate change through the eyes of a cynical owl.

Play It Where It Lies

By Jen Sorensen

The Political Future is Female

By Olivia Walch

Keep Reading “The Political Future is Female”

Your Memory is Worse Than You Think

By Line Høj Høstrup

Keep Reading “Your Memory is Worse Than You Think”

Scotland to Trump: Beat It, Bawbag!

by Maria Stoian

Keep Reading, “Scotland to Trump: Beat It, Bawbag!”

The Nib Print Magazine is Coming!

On Tuesday, we’re launching a Kickstarter to fund the printing and shipping of our first magazine issue, jam-packed with original comics. Keep an eye out so you can become a subscriber!



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