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This is an email from Taking Stock of COVID: New comics from The Nib, a newsletter by The Nib.

The Nib is back. New site. More comics.

Hi. Today we’re relaunching The Nib with a new website, daily newsletter and two weeks of non-stop convention coverage because we were really not going to sit this election out.

We’ve teamed up with First Look Media to do more of what we’re good at: scathing political satire, great journalism, powerful non-fiction, all in comics form, the best medium.

In Cleveland and Philadelphia we have cartoonists in the streets, on the convention floors and all up in the candidates’ mentions.

It’s a good time to come back. Not just for covering this shitshow election and imploding world, but for the weird moment we’re at in New Media. Outlets have become bogged down with indistinguishable garbage posts, re-written news and thirstily re-posted #viral content. We’re not competing in that doomed space.

We come to you with good comics only.

We started publishing on Medium in 2013 and we built a big readership here. The Nib will still send out letters to our followers, but to keep up with everything we publish, sign up for our own daily newsletter or head to the nib dot com.

The new site was designed from scratch. We threw ourselves into thinking about how comics would be best read online. So we started working on an image-based site for phones first, then made it responsive to desktop instead of the other way around. So much so that we haven’t bothered with text yet, hence my announcement post there. 😎

We’ll be publishing across various platforms and experimenting with ambitious longform, gifs, animation and even print products physically made IRL.

We’re not just doing print, we’re producing an unreasonably large election newspaper for the launch, which you can pick up at our DNC headquarters in Philadelphia.

Oh yeah, we’re renting an art gallery in Philly, transforming it into our workspace, adorning the walls with political art and bringing in a boatload of cartoonists to draw about the Democratic convention all week.

Stop by and see us at 303 Cherry St. from 12–6pm every day during the convention and grab some free swag: buttons, bingo, pickets, paper.

Art by Mark Kaufman, KC Green, Brian McFadden and Sophie Yanow

We’re even going to print up giant cartoons every morning and put them in the front windows.

And that’s just our first two weeks back. We got lots more comics to draw.



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