The Nib Turns One

When I launched The Nib one year ago, I intentionally kept the description simple: “Political cartoons, comics journalism, humor and non-fiction. Words plus pictures.”

I didn’t opt for any mission statement or specificity beyond that. After explaining how comics were Not Just For Kids and Popular Online for the better part of a decade, I decided on more showing, less telling — a good rule for any cartoonist. I was lucky enough to find people at Medium who didn’t need much convincing.

A year later we’ve published over 1,000 comics and have become one of the most popular publications on the platform, with hilarious work, scathing political cartoons, serious journalism, and incredible personal stories all living beside each other.

It at least warrants a birthday gif by Rich Stevens.

There’s a lot more to come. Eleri Harris joined me a few months ago as the associate editor to help run the section. We’re hiring an editorial assistant, publishing more comics than ever, and laying the groundwork for a print collection. Expect more birthday gifs.

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