Things Are Like That

Human trafficking survivor testimonies shared in comics form.

I spent several months from Oct 2012 to September 2013 in Nepal using graphic journalism to report on human trafficking. I’ve been working on this issue (often in partnership with NGOs) using comics since 2009, working with survivors from Ukraine, Russia, Mexico and the US.

The following pages are a short extract from my graphic novel of the same name (taken from the Nepali “Este ho”, which I often heard repeated by local NGO workers in the field with a certain resignation), which I’m currently serializing in digital format ahead of a hard copy print run due early next year.

Zoom in with your browser (command +) to increase the size of the illustrations.

Things Are Like That, p1 (c) Dan Archer 2013
Things Are Like That p2 (c) Dan Archer 2013

In addition to stories like Bimala’s above, the book will look at the pros and cons of INGOs and media coverage of this issue, which is all the more glaring in a country where development is one of the country’s largest industries.

If you like what you see, order the first issue here via paypal. For more information about using graphic journalism to cover social justice issues, visit, or follow @archcomix or @graphicvoices.

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