Helpmonks Release Notes June 2019

Jul 11 · 3 min read

Summer is in full swing, and we’ve focused on refining some areas in Helpmonks. Most notable we’ve made enhancements on how we handle attachments, i.e., you can now upload multiple attachments at the same time, and attachments gained previews and a new interface.

Upload multiple attachments

One of the most requests enhancements to our editor was the capability to upload several attachments at once. Hence we are happy to say that we finally have this option available.

Just like before, you click on the “attachment” icon and, where previously you could only add one file at a time, you can now upload many files.

Attachment previews and a new interface

In addition to the upload of attachments, each attachment will now display a preview of its content. We went to great length to do so, and you should now see for most file types a small content preview. This works across 180 different file types, and where Helpmonks can’t show a preview, it will show the file type icon.

Furthermore, we overhauled how we display attachments in Helpmonks and are showing them now beneath each message.

New PDF viewer

Speaking of preview, we also added a brand new PDF viewer to Helpmonks that shows your PDF’ in the browser directly. Presenting a PDF in the browser even works on iOS/iPadOS (iOS is notoriously known not to show PDF’ properly or only show the first page if at all).

That’s it

As mentioned, the month of June was all about attachments. Of course, we’ve added some other small things. Hence please take the time and visit the public Helpmonks RoadMap to see what else we’ve done.

One more thing…

Regarding what’s next for Helpmonks, we have already deployed our PWA (Progressive Web Applications) to most of our users, and the reports are overwhelmingly positive. In case you don’t know, PWA’ makes it possible to “install” Helpmonks on your desktop and mobile devices. Yes, you can finally have a native mobile experience with Helpmonks (with push notifications (on Android) and more). We will write more about the Helpmonks PWA in the coming days. (If you want to know more about Progressive Web Applications, this Wikipedia page gives a quick overview)

As always, and if you made it this far, we thank you for using Helpmonks and being a customer.

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Originally published at Helpmonks and Razuna blog.

The Nitai

I’m a serial entrepreneur currently engaged with Razuna and Helpmonks. Here are my thoughts, ideas and things that concern me.


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Serial Entrepreneur, Founder of Razuna & Helpmonks, Do-Hower, Developer, Node.js, Express, Jade, CFML, MongoDB, Open Source. Stop talking and get it done!

The Nitai

The Nitai

I’m a serial entrepreneur currently engaged with Razuna and Helpmonks. Here are my thoughts, ideas and things that concern me.

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