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All I Want for Christmas Is for My Parents To Get the COVID-19 Vaccine

But they are too deep down the anti-vax rabbit hole

Photo by Space_Cat from Adobe Stock

Next week I’m supposed to fly to my home country for Christmas.

I haven’t been there in almost two years.

I skipped last winter holidays because of the pandemic restrictions. And then I waited to go until we…




Collection of essays on society, culture, politics and history. Written by Katie Jgln.

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The graphic contains four, empty speech bubbles in the background. In the foreground is text framed by a white square that reads, “#31DaysIBPOC.”  Underneath this are two lines that state, “Celebrating the teacher voices of Indigenous, Black, & People of Color this May!” The bottom of the graphic lists the following information, “Hosted by @TchKimPossible @triciaebarvia.”

What is my story?

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Katie Jgln

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