If Money Was Not an Issue, What Would You Do?

In defence of human passion and the fight to meet everyone’s basic needs

Katie Jgln
The Noösphere


Image licensed from Shutterstock

I’m not fond of the ‘what do you do for work?’ question.

Instead, whenever I meet someone new or reconnect with a friend or an acquaintance I haven’t seen in a while, I ask, ‘What do you like to do?’

While for a lucky few, there’s an overlap between the two, there doesn’t seem to be one for most. And, well, I’d much rather listen to what others are genuinely passionate about; people glow differently when talking about things you can see make them glad to be alive.

Over the years, I have heard it all, but unsurprisingly, for many people, that includes either creative pursuits — like music, arts or photography — physically active hobbies or around-the-house activities — cooking, gardening, woodwork, etc. And quite often, recounts of their passions are followed by a remark that in an ideal world, or if money weren’t an issue, this is what they’d like to do full-time.

Or at least way more frequently than they do now.

Once, I met a guy who bought lottery tickets every week in hopes of scoring big one day and being able to open an alpaca farm.