I Want to Work From Home — Are you sure about that?

Work from home

“I Want To Work From Home!” — Really? Are you sure about that? (Part one)

Today’s topic is a little bit different. Part rant, and part informational, but all truth.

Have you ever heard anyone say these or seen people posting things like this on social media…

I want to work from home!

Yeah, I want to be in control of my schedule!

I want to work in my PJ’s and make tons of money!

I want to work from home — but NO SCAMS! Everything out there is a SCAM!

MLM’s are SCAMS! If you have to pay it is a SCAM!

I want to work from home, but I don’t want to invest anything, I don’t want to sell anything, and I don’t want to stuff envelopes!

Ugh. Okay, so yeah, this will be part rant… but it will hopefully be informative too.

When talking about working from home, there are only two ways to do that. Yep, only two ways.

ONE — Get a JOB working from home for some other company.

Yes, these types of jobs do exist, I used to have one. I was a senior technical advisor for one of the largest corporations in the world. In fact, there’s a very good possibility you own one of their phones or tablets right now. Many large companies hire telecommuting workers for many of their positions. From technical support to sales, those jobs do exist, and they are real jobs with that actual company with benefits and everything.

But… that is a JOB. Just like any other job. If you went out and got a job at your local WalMart where you had a schedule you had to follow… a time you had to punch in, a time you were allowed to take a break, and a time you had to punch out… these types of work-at-home jobs are exactly the same.

You are not in control of your own schedule. You are on their schedule and their time, make no mistake about that. The only work-at-home benefit you get from it is actually being at home, and maybe working in your PJ’s on some days.

TWO — Start your own business & become an entrepreneur

This option is where you have control over your own schedule, can work from home, can be in your PJ’s if you want, and an even bigger benefit, you can set your own pay. But it requires work on your part, money does not just come floating in through your window and land on your desk.

Now… here comes the rant part…

You are starting a business. Let me say that again… you are starting a real business. And real businesses 99% of the time require an investment.

If you went out and opened up a McDonald’s franchise location… do you think you would have to invest money to do that, or would they give it to you for free?

Duh, you invest money to do that. So, is opening a McDonald’s franchise suddenly a scam? Of course not.

If you sign up with Avon, or Mary Kay, or Chloe & Isabel, or Beachbody, or Plexus, or ANY other of those network marketing and direct sales companies… you are going to have to make an investment.

Is Avon or Mary Kay a scam? Umm, no, of course not.

People have this notion that if a company expects you to make an investment it is automatically a scam… believe me, the money you are giving them to get started is not going to make or break their company… they are not scamming you.

You aren’t “giving them money”… you are investing in your own business.

Let me say that again, because it bears repeating… you are investing in your own business, your own future.

A business cannot be run without funds. Period. That is just a simple fact. Regardless of the type of business, it cannot be run without funds. Some investments are larger than others of course, but all businesses need money to grow.

The nex


t part of that is the “IT’S A SCAM!” mentality … now I have to laugh at this a little bit, because every time I hear or read that, in my head I hear it in Admiral Ackbar’s voice from Star Wars yelling “It’s a trap!” hahah… sorry, it’s the geek in me, I can’t help it!

Okay… let’s set the record straight on this. Multi-level marketing is not a scam. Network marketing is not a scam. Internet marketing is not a scam.

Ponzi schemes, the infamous “pyramid scheme” that everyone is always yelling about… yes, sure, those are scams. But many people don’t even realize what those truly are, so they scream “scam!” at everything they see.

I don’t blame people for that… there are scams out there for sure. I see them all the time on Facebook in the work at home forums and groups… “sit at home playing games and we’ll PayPal you $500 a week!”

Umm… really? Are you kidding me right now?

Tell me… which of these sounds more like a scam to you:

— Working, marketing, and selling real products to real people either online or in person

— Sitting at home on your couch playing some pretend farming game and raking in big bucks

Call me crazy, but that seems like a no-brainer.

The difference between those… there are more than a few people who want to make the $$… but truly have no desire to work or put forth any effort whatsoever… so they jump on the bandwagon of easy money “jobs”… and yeah, they get scammed. They get burnt. They become cynical about any type of work-at-home job or business opportunity.

So I don’t blame them for thinking that way.

But anything worth having… such as, being an entrepreneur and building your own business… is going to take work, it is going to take effort, it is going to take time, it is going to take sweat-equity, and yes… it is going to take some money.

Before people start jumping on the “I want to work from home” parade, they need to consider what that really means… and also what they truly want from it. If they want a paycheck and that feeling of “security” from a weekly paycheck and benefits, then they want a JOB, not a business.

If they truly want to be in control of their own time, security, and having the only ceiling on their income to be their own self-imposed limitations, then they want to become an entrepreneur.

I’ve done both. I spent 20-years in corporate America. I’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies, I’ve worked with State agencies, I’ve worked with Non-profits, and I’ve worked with small local businesses.

I’ve done MLM work, from Avon and Mary Kay (I love makeup) to Beachbody. I still do those… mostly because I love the products and I love the discount I get on the products as a rep. (hey, just being honest here!)

But none of those compare to my internet marketing business. I LOVE my internet marketing business! It is truly the most fun I’ve had working, and the people I’ve met and am mentored by are incredible people. Where else would I get to rub shoulders and learn from millionaires who have been exactly where I was starting out?

Here is the other side of that coin and something for you to think about…

If a person wants to get into a specific business and wants to make enormous amounts of money doing it… is it smarter to jump in as a Lone Ranger and do it on your own? Or would it be smarter to learn from someone who has successfully done exactly what you are trying to do?

Again… a no brainer.

I’ve been asked (more than a few times)… Stacy, why don’t you just do your web development and programming work? You have 20 years experience in that!

Easy answer… I am only one person, and I can only do and scale that so much. The amount of growth I can have doing that work with direct clients has a very definite ceiling. I want to do work that enjoy just as much (or more) than that but doesn’t have that cap, doesn’t limit me to only the 24 hours in a day… and doesn’t require me to work 20 of those 24 hours to build it.

Anyway… enough of my ranting for one day! ;)

I hope this helps someone clarify in their own mind what it is they truly want and hope to accomplish by seeking a “work from home” lifestyle.

If they can clarify and understand what they are wanting to accomplish, and understand what it takes to make that happen — whether it’s a job or a business — then it becomes much easier to achieve.

Stay tuned and check back, in part two of this topic, we are going to be taking a look at what it really takes to work from home — both from having an actual job from home or working your own business.

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Originally published at Get Paid With Stacy.