Node.js and APIs: A Match Made in Scaling Heaven

Node.js is perfect for scaling because of its single-thread, event-driven and non-blocking I/O architecture. Many companies have turned to Node.js to help them scale — and there’s no better poster child for this than Netflix. The company is re-architecting its APIs responsible for fetching data every time a user plays a video or browses Netflix’s library with Node.js.

During our last conversation with Yunong Xiao, Principal Software Engineer at Netflix, Yunong mentioned that the team was going through the shadow testing phase of its Node.js and Docker deployment and one thing was very apparent:

  • API deployments on its new stack is much easier to write, debug and generally engineer because Node.js and JavaScript are lightweight and can be handled locally.

This is a common refrain from those using an API-driven approach. Node.js is often the №1 language used in these environments because of its stability and scalability. Its large modular ecosystem makes it easy to debug and test locally. If you are interested in using Node.js for API-development, but don’t know where to start, check out:

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