Node.js + Containers = Magic

Node.js and containers are commonly used together because they allow both the development and operations teams to to deliver functions, features, new services and apps to users quickly. Think: Agile software development.

We recently sat down with cloud-native consultant Ross Kukulinski to talk about why more enterprises and startups are using Node.js and containers, and the benefits that this combination provides a business. Check out the full interview:

If you are interested in implementing Node.js + containers, also be sure to check out this Q&A with Ross about pitfalls to avoid when implementing Node.js and containers; these 8 pro tips from NodeSource around containerizing a Node.js app; and this article around using these two technologies for microservices.

Need some inspiration to help you get started? Netflix is currently re-architecting the APIs responsible for fetching data every time a user plays a video or browses Netflix libraries with Node.js and containers.

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