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Jun 3, 2016 · 3 min read
Many faces of Jackfruit!

Forget the ridiculously expensive Goji berries and Chia seeds which are hard to find and puts our local produce through negligence. The future looks bright now with the country’s own superfood, the humble Jackfruit, in friendly avatar is packed with fibre, minerals and vitamins.
The un-ripe fruit is low on glycaemic index which makes it a potent carb substitute for diabetic patients as well.

The man behind this concept is James Joseph, an ex-Microsoft techie who is determined to tackle country’s nutrimental problems with a simple solution, eating Jackfruit! Giving an appropriate name for this initiative, Jackfruit 365, he has introduced Jackfruit in the market in the form of freeze-dried chunks which can be soaked in water before cooking or grinding for using as flour. This not only makes the product easy to use but also preserves Jackfruit for up to a year. The technology claims to reduce the fruit’s wastage which is as high as 70% annually. The work doesn’t stop here, James’s talented team also works on creating interesting and unique Jackfruit-infused recipes you can include in your everyday meal.
On one such day, I had the pleasure of meeting the man behind the show, understanding from him first-hand about his journey so far, challenges and opportunities which lies ahead for Jackfruit 365 and the tremendous health benefits and affordability of the fruit made me curious to look at messy and stinky Jackfruit a.k.a Kathal from a different perspective.

Jackfruit Idlis and Gelaouti Kebabs

Being at this session I got to sample some amazing breakfast spread cooked with a hint of Jackfruit in everything! Chef Sridhar with his team did a fantastic job of including jackfruit in the likes of yogurt-mango smoothie, Appam and egg roast, idlis, waffles, pancakes and last but not the least Jackfruit-Galouti kebabs. It is a rarity to see the power of an idea and how bravely it was adapted perfectly by the hospitality and event partner Grand-Mercure Bangalore.

Everything Jackfruit! Smoothie and Paniyaram!

James says that the binding property of Jackfruit and the fact that it blends beautifully in most of Indian recipes could be a game-changer in the way we look at health-food and gluten-free foods in particular.
Jackfruit 365 is becoming popular among the diabetics and health-conscious community and we don’t see a reason why it shouldn’t become the next best superfood.

Jackfruit Pancakes, French Toast and Apam

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The Nomad Leek

Dossier of a Zero-Waste lifestyle

The Nomad Leek

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The Nomad Leek

Dossier of a Zero-Waste lifestyle

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