Go Banana! Caramelized and Ice-creamed! Day#4

Hi Fellas, Good Morning! I tried my hands on caramelizing bananas today morning. It’s an easy tasty breakfast ideal for a hectic week.

You need — simple ingredients like

Bananas — 2 medium

Brown sugar

Butter — 2 tea spoon

Orange Juice (optional)

Cinnamon powder — a pinch

Vanilla Ice-cream/bread toast/french toast — as much as you want

How to — Slice bananas and keep it aside. Add butter to a hot pan, add brown sugar and wait till it gets bubbly. Be careful to not burn the sugar while it is on the pan. Add the bananas and stir. Drizzle orange juice and keep it on flame for 30–45 secs and transfer it to a plate. Serve it over vanilla ice-cream or french toast.

Happy Eating!

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