BFF-Apple-Cinnamon water with Pomegrante-banana smoothie

Take two at a time

Breakfast smoothie to start the day with BFF Apple-Cinnamon flavoured water for the rest of the day.

As promised, this week’s project is flavoured water, which also perfectly works with my JOFR August Challenge. I infact paired both the tasks of making healthy smoothies and flavoured water in one this morning.

Apple-Cinnamon is by far the best flavoured water I have tasted yet. Its loaded with flavours yet doesn’t overwhelm you at all.

What you need-

For Flavoured water -

Thinly sliced apple (I used local)

Cinnamon stick

Full pot of filtered water

How to — Place the apple and cinnamon stick in the water pot and let it sit for atleast 15 minutes. You can keep refilling your jar throughout the day.

For smoothie-

Pomegranate seeds from

Frozen Banana-2

Plain yogurt/ice-cubes

How to-

Place the fruits and ice-cubes in blender and blend until pureed. Serve immediately.

Standing Tall :)

Happy Day!

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