Last minute God

January 11th 2017

What we believe about God becomes true. And if what we believe about God is inconsistent with His character or nature, we create an idol we refer to as “God”.

Abraham believed that no matter what happened, God would be able to raise up Isaac from the dead and so He was willing to kill the son he had slaved for. 
God had told him to sacrifice his son, same God that hates child sacrifices. I don’t know if Abraham knew that about God. He was probably thinking God was one of those gods that relished in human sacrifices. And He is. It’s just instead of dead human sacrifices, He loves living sacrifices.
So just when Abraham was about to sacrifice Isaac, after telling Isaac the LORD would provide for himself a sacrifice, an angel of the LORD calls from heaven.

And angel of God spoke to Abraham from heaven

Abraham had believed God to come through and that is exactly what God did in that moment. He came through. He became the God that comes through. Jehovah Jireh — The LORD my Provider
There’s this thing about God and coming through last minute though. Almost as if he wants to test just how long you can hold on till he comes through. 
And that is what I think he calls perfect timing. It’s more like last minute timing for me.

Jesus was sound asleep in the boat till his disciples were almost drowning. Then he casually talks to the storm like “Yo be still bro”

Last minute God!
Eternally chill God
He is so chill he is called the most High :)
He is so powerful he can do anything he wants at anytime and it will work out perfectly

Scripture reference
Genesis 22(vs 8) 
Matthew 8:23–27

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