Photo by Kaitlyn Baker on Unsplash

I’m Officially Blogging

Today, I am announcing that I am officially blogging. Yes I have written an odd post here and there, but I never thought of myself as a “blogger.” Why should I make this a regular thing. Who am I? What makes me think that I can just blog about software development when I am not an “expert” in the field. Even with the encouragement I received from my last two posts, I just didn’t feel good enough to blog regularly. In a nutshell, imposter syndrome was kicking in to high gear and keeping me from being more than I could.

Then my friend, Jonathan Seeley, started his blog over at The Seeley Coder. He told me why he got started and recommended I check out a course on starting your blog created by John Sonmez over at In the processes of going through the course, I realized that I really did have something I could offer. I don’t have to be the best to be able to give back and help others. Who I am now and the knowledge I have now can be useful for others.

Starting today I will be regularly posting over at The Non-Traditional Developer. I broke into this field in a non-traditional way and I now that I am here, I believe I can offer a unique perspective to help others who are looking to do the same thing. You can expect weekly posts on all things developer, but with the intention of helping those who are breaking into this industry from a non-traditional background.

What posts would you like me to write about? What questions do you have about being a developer? What was the most difficult thing you are trying to over come learning to program? Let me know what you think and don’t forget to subscribe to be notified of my future posts. I look forward to this journey we are going to go on together.