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Submission Guidelines

A word about you

Have you been labeled as too rebellious to be traditionally published?

Have you been deemed too unruly to be read in full?

Are you a rebel at your ink-stained heart, but at the same time you’re too shy to submit your work anywhere for fear of not finding an understanding publisher for it?

Do you feel like a misfit while skimming through the submission guidelines of various mainstream publications only to discover that, most likely, you won’t fit their lists?

Good, we need writers exactly like you.

A word about “The Nonconformist”

Being a writer is a solitary occupation. Regardless of whether you’re a passionate short story author, a full-blooded novelist, or an inspired poet, putting words together, smuggling them from the realm of your imagination to the boundlessly promising whiteness of the page is no team sport.

However, even if you’ve been endowed with the finest and subtlest of literary voices, you will stand a greater chance of being heard while singing in a choir.

From this realization has originated the idea of The Nonconformist.

The Nonconformist is a home for the artistically homeless and a megaphone for the voiceless.

If you’d like to learn what we stand for, have a look at The Nonconformist Manifesto.

At this point, we should mention that The Nonconformist is a new initiative, so we’re unable to offer you the same exposure as other well-established publications. Nonetheless, we can provide you with a unique opportunity to become part of something fresh and exciting, of creating a new home for writers who feel artistically homeless and misunderstood. Besides, publications tend to grow, so there’s no telling where we might be a year from now with your help and enthusiasm.

What is being a Nonconformist all about?

At The Nonconformist, we believe in bold ideas and fearless voices; we believe in reconfiguring the world while using pens, typewriters, and word processors; we believe that this very world belongs to rebels and rebels only.

You don’t have to be tattooed from head to toe (the little one) or smoke weed from dusk till dawn to call yourself one — what counts is your disapproval of the outdated conventions and an ability to challenge the stale norms. Look at the bookish rebels and intrepid trailblazers like James Joyce, Virginia Woolf, or Jack Kerouac who have reshaped the world and literary stage with their courage, determination, and audacious ideas.

Thus, we welcome non-fiction writers with a daring approach to all things cultural. We welcome short story writers, novelists, and poets with unique voices.

If you feel that your story or article is a little weird, don’t fret. This magazine is the right place for the well-written, weird pieces. We take chances here.

What do we publish?

Currently, our most prominent section is Fiction Corner which mainly consists of short stories, but we’ll accept novel excerpts as well. If you’ve always dreamed of publishing your novel in installments, Dickens-style, we’d love to do it.

Our still developing Culture section is, as of today, heavily leaning toward the world of letters, but we’ll gladly accept pieces about aesthetics, theater, cinema, and other arts. If we receive enough articles on a particular subject, we’ll consider creating a separate section for it.

The same rule applies to the Writing section, which contains the tips for fiction writers and poets rather than freelance writers and copywriters.

We’d love to launch a Poetry section soon. Thus, poets of all styles and rhymes join us!

How can I become a Nonconformist?

Send us an e-mail containing your Medium username and a handful of links to your stories on Medium or elsewhere to give us a taste of your writing style and ideas.

E-mail it to:

Please allow us a few days to process your submission.

Having been accepted as a writer for The Nonconformist, you’ll be able to submit your work to our publication.

Your submission should:

  • have a featured B&W image (you can choose one of the free images from the sites like or If you opt for some other source, be sure that you own the copyright to the image you intend to use).
  • use the right tags to describe the content of your story. In order to help us sort the submissions and determine the best section to publish them, one of your tags has to match one of our categories: Culture (for all culture-related subjects), Fiction (for short stories, flash fiction, and book excerpts), Review (book and movie reviews), Writing (writing tips and suggestions).
  • meet the requirements as stated in the Medium rules.
Remember that being controversial doesn’t mean being racist, sexist, uncivil, or propagating hate speech — we won’t publish any writing of that kind.

Does my submission have to be an unpublished draft?


We understand how difficult it is for a writer — especially for a self-published one — to fit into all the time limits and to meet all the requirements imposed by various journals and magazines. Therefore, we’re accepting articles and stories regardless of their publication dates. They may be one year old, two years old, or decade old — it doesn’t matter to us. If the story is good, if its quality won’t let us put it down, we’ll be more than glad to publish it on The Nonconformist, notwithstanding the amount of dust gathered on its pages.

There’s one caveat though: Do not publish duplicate content. It’s against the Medium Policy. If your story has already been published by some other publication and you want to republish it with The Nonconformist, you’ll have to pull it from there before submitting it to us. Otherwise, Medium will likely treat it as spam and we’ll be forced to take it down.

Join us at The Nonconformist and help us build a community of writers very much like yourself, in perennial search of a literary home.

If you have any questions, e-mail us at: