We want to go!

“I am the boss here. You guys should give me a first class seat,” Jia Jia reminded the members of his kingdom who all want to go to Europe after hearing the stories of Ger Ger’s trip.

“Boss, you can only get a first class seat if you pay for it, and only if you are sitting on the plane. Right now, you are sitting in Wanchain’s suitcase. There is no first class assignment here. It is all common class.” Why Why corrected the boss, while putting his big bum on the boss’ face.

“Excusez moi, excusez moi, please make room pour moi,” a big cat rushed toward the suitcase full of animals.

“Who’s that French guy?” Jia Jia asked.

“I am Cat Cat. I want to go to Europe!”

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