Exclusive to BitGuild: CryptoDungeons

Discover a familiar RPG adventure in a new, blockchain-enabled world!

The Notice Board
2 min readOct 26, 2018


We’re proud to present our first exclusive third-party game, hailing from a small developer team in Portugal. They’ve been working on CryptoDungeons for almost a full year, and have been implementing improvements and fixes to their game in the hopes of creating a rich and rewarding blockchain RPG experience.

In CryptoDungeons, players will see themselves managing a team of Heroes, sending these Heroes on quests, and reaping sweet rewards from them. As you quest, your Heroes gain experience and can be leveled up, and then traded to other players.

Each quest costs a very small amount of PLAT to initiate, ensuring a steady flow of both resource generation and resource consumption in the form of loot and items.

In fact, the game places heavy emphasis on loot, and crafting items with said loot. Every item in the game is made by players, creating an interesting player-driven item economy within CryptoDungeons.

CryptoDungeons is something you should absolutely check out if you have any love for old-school style RPG games. The graphics are adorable high-quality pixel art, and their crafting and item economy is a highly appealing way to integrate blockchain into familiar gameplay mechanics.

Experience CryptoDungeons today! Head over to the portal to start playing.

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