State of the Guild #39

Feb 14 · 3 min read

Development on hold, GuildChat events, new TronTrade rules, and PLAT burn

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak and the precautions put in place by the Chinese government, our China team was not able to return to the office this week. For this reason, development activities will be put on hold until next Monday, February 17. In this State of the Guild, we will give you a brief update regarding community activities and events on GuildChat and TronTrade.


Even though development was kept to a minimum, these last two weeks have seen a lot of activity in the app through events, competitions, and tasks designated to the GuildKeepers:

  • The Public Groups event came to the end of its first round last week. The 5 most active and engaging groups on the app were selected for rewards. If you’d like to join any of these groups, please search for their respective IDs on GuildChat:

1. TronAwards — (Group ID: 1473722843),

2. Group Card’s — (Group ID: 2742174952)

3. Trx lounge (Group ID: 1611379387)

4. TokenportApp (Group ID:2753957771)

5. Wink warrior’s lounge (Group ID: 2653325225)

  • The second round of the campaign starts this week. Groups who are looking for ways to get promoted and see their exposure grow can submit their group application and learn more about the event through this link.
  • Translations for new languages are on the way! Users will soon be able to use GuildChat in German, Indonesian and Arabic, — on top of the languages already in the app.


We’ve also had quite a busy couple of weeks on TronTrade, with several events and an important change in the trading competition rules:

  • The BEATZCoin event is ending on February 15, so you still have time to trade the token and be eligible to receive 35,000 TRX in rewards.
  • Three more events are scheduled for the upcoming weeks, details of which will be made public soon:

⁃ TRONATM: February 14 — March 21

⁃ Nole: February 21 — March 28

⁃ Splinterlands: February 28 — March 10

  • New logic to prevent wash trading was implemented for trading events. Buy and sell transactions using the same wallet will not be eligible for trading competitions.
  • An AMA article introducing the new Emerging Tokens was published, check it out to get to know these amazing projects.


A new round of PLAT burn took place on February 4, where 48 million PLAT was burned. This was part of our continued efforts to keep our commitment to make the token a measure of BitGuild products’ success.

That’s all the news we have for you this week. While development activities are on hold, the rest of our operations continue as normal. So if you have any questions or concerns, please contact BitGuild customer support or reach us on social media. The team is scheduled to return to the office next week, and we’ll see you back here next Friday for a new State of the Guild!

BitGuild aims to bring blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption to the masses by providing compelling experiences that are easily accessible. Between GuildChat, our crypto social app, GuildWallet, the most user-friendly browser extension wallet, and TronTrade, our decentralized exchange, we’re firing on all cylinders to usher in a new age, changing the way people interact with their digital goods.

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