State of the Guild #4

GuildChat updates, GuildKeepers, GuildWallet, and PLAT!

Fabio here with one your dose of bi-weekly updates. Every two weeks, we bring you a run-down of the all the cool stuff we’re working on at BitGuild, as well as give you a sneak peek of what to expect from us in the future.

Updates to GuildChat

For our highly popular mobile app, we made some quality of life adjustments aimed at creating a smoother chat experience, as well as launched a brand new feature. Version 1.5, which is the latest update launched last week, includes the following:

  • New features requested by the community, such as reply to message and the ability to pin favorite groups to the top of the chat list.
  • A new dApp browser that allows users to play dApps directly within GuildChat.

We also announced the first wave of GuildKeepers, which are community members that help us keep GuildChat a safe and friendly place, while also providing us with valuable feedback that will guide product decisions. The program is ongoing, and you can always apply here.

Over the next few weeks, you can expect to see more dApps added to our new GuildChat browser, as well as a new version of the app that focuses on optimizing group management and moderation tools. This is all in addition to several other user-experience and UI improvements.

Coming Soon: GuildWallet

As mentioned in our last State of the Guild, we have a new addition to the BitGuild ecosystem soon. GuildWallet, a browser extension wallet that is being built from the ground up with multiple blockchains in mind, will offer users the convenience of managing different wallets from a single place. We hope the wallet will increase crypto and dApp adoption by allowing new users to keep their digital assets in a single, convenient, and secure location.

We’re adding some finishing touches and optimizations to the wallet, and you can expect it to be available to download very soon!

PLAT on ABCC Exchange

This week has also seen the listing of PLAT on the ABCC Exchange. With the support of our community, we managed to secure another platform for our holders to freely trade PLAT. To celebrate this occasion, BitGuild and ABCC partnered up to host two very special events that give PLAT holders the opportunity to score a significant amount of tokens for their efforts.

That’s all we have for this post! We’ll be back two Fridays from now, with yet another full serving of State of the Guild.

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