The Cyprus Chronicles

The Cyprus Chronicles is a trilogy that takes place on the “sun-kissed isle of Aphrodite” over second half of the 20th century. It tells the story of ordinary people thrown into extraordinary circumstances — people who try to make sense of their lives against the brutal roar of history.

Book 1 is now available:

“A great read combining a refugee’s search for home and retribution, a passionate love story, an insightful look at Greek Cypriot culture and history.”
“The author takes us, skillfully and convincingly, through … thoughts and actions in response to a textured fabric of love, tradition and national identity.”
Varosha, Famagusta: The City of the Vanished.
Varosha, a beachfront suburb of the ancient city of Famagusta, was once an international playground for millionaire tycoons and movie stars. But after the Turkish army invaded and took over half of the island of Cyprus, Varosha was abandoned, wrapped up in cyclone fencing and barbed wire, put off limits to any visitor.
More than two decades later, Petros, a young Greek Cypriot soldier, is struggling to find his way when tragedy strikes as another Greek soldier is killed on the Green Line separating Cyprus from the Turkish-occupied North. Lashing out, Petros decides to return to Varosha to recover a keepsake that will help him win the heart of his childhood love Joanna — and to prove to himself that there are still principles worth fighting for.
But in order to win Joanna, Petros will have to outmaneuver his rakish cousin Elias. And in order to return to Varosha he will have to evade the Turkish military, one of the most ruthless armies in the world.

Now available in print and ebook format.