nTitle Progress Update: July 26th

We’re excited to present our latest progress update! This time we are announcing our new website and additions to the team! You will also get a sneak peek into our bcommerce DApps and all the events we have attended during the past weeks!

You can always keep track of our developments in real time via our social channels:

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Let’s start with the new additions to our team! 💪💪

We are very pleased to announce that we have three new members in our amazing team.

A very warm welcome to our new Marketing Manager — Enver Altuntas!

Enver has significant experience in digital marketing, working as a private marketing consultant and leading several marketing teams. He has worked for a number of companies, from startups to large multinationals, to digitize their marketing operations and grow online. He is an avid gamer for over 15 years and in the crypto-world for some time now. He is combining his passion for marketing, gaming and crypto all at once at nTitle.

A round of applause for our new Business Development Manager in Asia — Vincent Bonhomme!

Vince has over 11 years experience in the game industry, starting out in quality assurance, with four years as a localisation manager and three years as a General Manager. He resides in Tokyo, Japan, and now manages the Asia region for ExeQuo and Lionbridge Game Services. He has worked on 100+ titles including dozens of AAA games. He is also the co-founder of Tabletop Pixel, an indie studio based in Tokyo that creates HTML5 and Unity games.

And last but not least, the one and only — Edward Hewett in Marketing & Communication!

Edward brings a wealth of experience after 10 years in motorsport, having won 3 F1 World Championships and worked in Marketing, Brand Representation and Product Development alongside some of the biggest names in the history of the sport. He is a long term and active member of the crypto community, as both an investor and ICO researcher. He has a great passion and strong belief in the positive effects that Blockchain technology can bring.

Time has made perfection 👌

As we mentioned in our previous update, perfection takes time, and guess what — time has made perfection.

Our new website has now been released, have a look: https://ntitle.network/

What do you think? — we’re always open to feedback :)

However, now you might be thinking — how about the whitepaper and litepaper?

Don’t worry! They are going to follow shortly — it’s a matter of days ;)

To help you through this waiting time we’ve prepared some more great content for you.

Once again our tech team has made some immense progress 💪- check this out!

A sneak peek into our bcommerce DApp 👀

These dashboards will allow you to control your licenses…
…select games to share to earn NTL via referrals…
…buy and resell games…
…get valuable insights based on your activity. And more! — to be discovered in our Whitepaper.

We mentioned last time that we’ve been busy working on our bcommerce solution and mobile trading DApp…

…well guess what?!

Our mobile trading DApp’s Alpha version is almost ready! This will allow you to trade tokens and tokenised licenses on the blockchain. Our mobile trading DApp will make the exchange of digital assets as easy as sending a text message to a friend.

Scan a friend’s digital asset’s QR code to buy it instantly, or send assets directly to your friends’ accounts.

The main functions of our bcommerce solution’s dashboards for gamers, gamedevs and influencers are being tested at the moment and it’s looking pretty darn good.

You can now put assets for sale, configure referral programs for the assets and transfer licenses — All On The Blockchain!

Basically, the core of our bcommerce solution is now functional. 💪🔥

We’ve been all over the place!

Over the past couple weeks we’ve attended several events and made countless great contacts. Have a look ;)

Blockchain Expo Europe — Amsterdam RAI

The great buildings of RAI Amsterdam
Our booth was looking fresh as always ;)
video interview by BitcoinMagNL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SK1LrioLKJw&t=2s

Dutch Game Garden’s Indigo — Utrecht

A great variety of awesome games to try out!
Once more, gaming is bringing people together :)

Crypto Economy — ICO 2018 — Amsterdam

The start of a great day!
interesting prediction from Michael Turpin

TCBlockchain — Zug — Cryptovalley

Some bright minds talking blockchain
Some bright minds taking selfies together
And more knowledge being dropped on us!

Let’s have a coffee …beer?

We’d be pleased to meet you at one of the upcoming events we are planning to attend or in Amsterdam if you’re around? — if so let us know via any of our channels so we can meet up for a chat. :)

In the meantime, you can come chat to us and stay up to date with our latest developments via our social channels:

Twitter — Telegram — Discord — Facebook — LinkedIn

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