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nTitle Promises to Redefine the Gaming Industry and Break Up Steam’s Monopoly Using Blockchain Technology

Amsterdam, 08 February 2018 — It’s not often that a company comes along with such a strong claim to uproot an entire industry but nTitle (pronounced “entitle”) lays out a solid case for uttering such hyperbole. CEO, Peter van Grinsven explains that “nTitle is building the next generation gaming platform — one that puts the power back where it belongs — in the hands of the independent developers and gamers who drive the industry”.

So how are they going to do that? To fully understand the implications of their claims, you must first understand the industry and the players that control it. Like many industries, the flow of commerce is controlled by a few big players. The biggest player by a large margin is Steam, owned by parent company Valve. Steam is what some might consider a monopoly that controls both the fate of the game developers and the gamers that cohabit their platform.

They do that by charging developers fees of more than 30% while not providing marketing support or adequate discoverability tools. On top of that, they restrict communication between developers and gamers, fail to support the needs of middle class developers’ and don’t provide pre-release options to facilitate feedback, improve success rates or build engagement.

A Solution That Lies in the “Decentralization” of an Industry

The patent pending nTitle Liquid Licensing™ Platform aims to directly address these issues by creating a naturally decentralized, peer-to-peer liquid licensing market, which returns control back to game developers by:

  • Removing the traditional 30% fee that developers are now charged.
  • Introducing game trading where developers earn a share of the profits.
  • Enabling funding of new projects to encourage participation of “middle class” developers.
  • Allowing pre-testing of new projects to help developers get better feedback.
  • Helping developers build armies of gaming ambassadors to profit from their social reach.
  • Ensuring profits from any sale are directly available and instantly distributed.

At the same time, gamers will be able to:

  • Purchase their favourite games at reduced prices.
  • Resell, lend, trade or rent their games to help recoup the cost of gaming.
  • Earn money, rewards and free games for helping to promote games.
  • Sponsor a game project to help it get published or to get preferential pricing.
  • Try new games before they enter the mainstream market.
  • Securely trade in-game items using blockchain technology.

By studying, and embracing the desires of gamers and developers, nTitle claims to provide what they call “true liquid licensing” to the gaming world. Van Grinsven sums it up well when he says, “Ownership is a fundamental right. In the digital era that right has slowly eroded. When you buy a book on Amazon, you don’t actually own that book; you simply own the licence to read it. The same goes for Steam. If you purchase a game, you can’t resell, lend or trade it. That’s why we’re so passionate about blockchain technology. It allows us to provide an alternative to the current centralized system that’s fairer and more transparent, efficient and cost effective.”

A Bold Move Backed by a Strong Team

Peter’s vision is supported by a core team that includes professionals from both the business and crypto worlds. The advisory team features innovators from gaming, IT and blockchain including Gavin Nicol, a pioneer of the web who helped set the standards for protocols such as HTML, HTTP and XML, Anthony Eufemio, CTO and co-founder of DigixDAO which raised over $5.5 million in just under 16 hours in the first ever fully on-chain Ethereum ICO and Richard van Barneveld from the subscription-based gaming model, Utomik.

nTitle is planning an, as yet to be announced ICO, starting with a pre-sale for accredited investors beginning on 4 April 2018.

About nTitle

nTitle is a powerful gaming platform built on top of the Ethereum peer-to-peer network. The nTitle Liquid Licensing™ Platform will be released in 2018 in multiple phases. The first phase will be the release of a simple registrar-based licensing platform, free for anyone to use. A roll out of a comprehensive licensing solution using the concepts and patent-protected technologies outlined in the company’s whitepaper will follow. Soon after the gaming market release, nTitle will aggressively pursue other digital markets, starting with enterprise licensing.

For more information about nTitle contact John Clancy at john.clancy@nTitle.network or visit www.nTitle.network.

Or, stay up to date about the nTitle project by following our social media channels:


The nTitle Network

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nTitle revolutionizes the gaming industry by removing the restrictions imposed by third party marketplaces and gives game developers and gamers back their power

The nTitle Network

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