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Freedom Sure is a Wonderful Thing. — Hugh Hefner , Art , & NFL Protests

Hugh Hefner with Marilyn Monroe. Hef will be buried next to Monroe.

As a writer, and an editor of #NuR Pub, I tend to avoid politics like the plague in my regular writing. In the modern world, we are over saturated with it — it is EVERYWHERE, arguably because of confirmation bias. That is, people are looking for it, therefore you can bet your bottom dollar they will find it — in every interaction, every word, and even every…




NuR Pub is a collaborative effort of the core writers of The Nu Romantics, who aim to redefine ROMANCE by elucidating that the "romantic" is found in the beauty of the written word, not necessarily happy endings. Find us on FB here:

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Wess Haubrich

Wess Haubrich

Horror, crime, noir with a distinctly southwestern tinge. I am a former contributor editor of an award-winning film site and other projects too.

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