SM or No SM, That Is The Question

As an indie author, I have come to accept the need for a certain amount of time to be spent on social media (sm), whether for promoting books or networking with other authors, bloggers, media artists, readers and the like. However, as a higher-than-amoeba life form capable of logical thought, I also question much of what I see on sm and often wonder about its actual value, not only to indie authors but also to the human race as a whole. And let’s face it: sm is a time-eater. A voracious dark hole from which, once in it, it is next to impossible to drag oneself out of. It consumes time that could and should be more appropriately spent doing the actual work of writing. Combine that with the inevitable drama that seems to be more and more pervasive on sm, and the entire experience becomes less and less attractive. I suppose it’s all about finding balance, keeping in mind there is more to the creative process (and life) than Tweeting about this or posting about that. Speaking of which…

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