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Introducing: “Entertainment & Culture” Epoch + The Oasians Update

We’re super stoked to introduce a new themed series where we’ll focus on an emerging trend to bring you regular content for an epoch.

Why epoch and not week, or month you might ask? Because:
a) Epoch sounds more crypto-native.
b) We wanna be super flexible and don’t want to be confined to a specific period of time lol

For this epoch, our theme is — Entertainment & Culture!

During this epoch, we will talk about trends you see in the entertainment industry, and how they take part in the formation of crypto culture.

We will cover things from memes, blue chip NFTs, crypto slang, fashion NFTs, sex in crypto, and much more.

We’ll still be doing our regular project partnerships and video contents, so don’t worry. This is just a lil something extra we’re experimenting with to mix things up.

A little update on what we’ve been doing:

So far we’ve partnered with Cashmere Wallet, Vyper Protocol, Cega, Tensor, OptiFi, and Squads.

We’re in talks with some pretty big projects on partnerships, so we’re suuuuper excited for what’s to come. Really wish we can show you what we have planned, but you’ll have to take our word for it for now.

Also just want to thank the community for all the love and support we’ve gotten. The Oasians officially started at the end of March this year, and we’ve grown at such a rapid pace thanks to everyone we’ve encountered along the way.

Each project we’ve worked with are truly the nicest and we have nothing but good things to say about the founders we’ve met. We cannot wait to continue building on Solana with the rest of you.

Special shoutout to 拷貝貓翻譯 for the amazing translations and connects.

Our goal right now is to scale up so that we can really become an influential character on Solana and continue producing original & quality content.

If you are/know a Solana project and would like to partner with us, please DM The Oasians, SixOhFour or Joe on twitter.
If you are a content creator and would like to collab, please also DM us!

Stay tuned!

-The Oasians Team



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