times of rebuilding and preparation are misunderstood

“those who can’t do teach”
“don’t think about it, do it”

these phrases bother me because they don’t tell whole story when it comes to action: they encourage action without understanding, and diminish the value of the understanding that is required to do something well.

there is a fine line between acting before you are ready in order to avoid complete inaction, versus acting before you are ready because you have no self-control and are always walking around with every card you have on the table. before doing, there has to be intention, there has to be a plan. and plans take time.

“that person is all over the place.”

you sometimes hear this about people who are in preparation mode, in learning mode. about students who are just getting started in their lives and experimenting with everything they can in order to obtain as much practical experience as possible before they launch their full careers. “all over the place.” “doing too much, but still not accomplishing anything.”

you hear this about people who are rebuilding. picking up the pieces of something that just broke down so that they can move to the next thing.

but who is the judge of that?

in the end, the people who say such things are just going to stay where they are, and the experimenters and planners will continue to move up to their next levels for as long as they are able to tune out the noise.

all of the that time spent being “all over the place,” “teaching others,” “thinking about it,” doing real research, and gaining true mastery has a purpose that is not always obvious to those who don’t understand the long game of life on the same level.

there is no such thing as overnight success and it can take years of preparation to get to the single moment of achievement that you aspire to. this means that it could take years of being misunderstood and listening to people making rude commentary about it periodically.

the hardest part in all of this is learning to disregard the hurtful ways that people misunderstand us. the feelings of rejection that come from that can linger for a long time.

if you find a method to deal with that part…do tell. i will be here, working on my chefs d’oeuvre. and yes, the plural is intentional :-P

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