Burrito Sabanero

About nine years ago, I was ordered by my doctor to have a colonoscopy. Now, I have never had one of those and you hear so many stories so I became apprehensive. The idea of somebody sticking a camera — A CAMERA!!! — up your rear end did not sound really pleasant. Well, I must do it…so let’s get it done!

The previous day, I started taking the liquid they give you and in no time I was pumping out every single thing I had in my intestines. The next day, Lupe took me to the hospital in Whittier. So…in I go.

I remember I was very nervous. They take me to the table and start prepping me out. I forgot to mention that his was a 23 of December, Christmas time. A young Mexican lady nurse, she sees that I am a bundle of nerves, she starts talking to me, asking me if I was going to have a party, if we are making tamales and all that, so I was answering the best that I can.

Suddenly she says,

“Señor Gomez, you like music?”

I said yes.

Then she said,

“You know, I just made this CD with Christmas music in Spanish. Would you like to listen to it?”

I said yes.

So here I am listening to “Feliz Navidad”, “El Año Viejo”…when they start! They start getting this stupid cable up my ass!

Suddenly, at this very moment, the cute voices of these little boys start singing the song “El Burrito Sabanero”. At that moment! Man! I started laughing!

Now, from this moment on, every time I hear this song I will remember when I was in the sticky situation of my colonoscopy!

A Belen, a Belen, voy camino a Belen.

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