Airdrop Sign Up Extended to August 15th: Early Adopters Get Double Rewards

Over the last few weeks, we’ve received an overwhelming amount of interest and demand for The Ocean. Thousands of traders are ready and waiting for a next generation DEX that finally meets the call for usability, fiat-to-crypto, deep liquidity, security, and marketplace transparency.

In an effort to accommodate these users and build a more inclusive financial market, our team has decided to extend airdrop access until August 15th.

As a sign of appreciation for our community’s patience and early support, all early adopters will now receive 2000 OCEAN totals in total! You will receive your tokens and our max discount on all fees when we publicly launch on August 15th.

In the meantime, beta access will be expanded in waves to all early sign ups and our early adopter incentives will continue. More traders can receive rewards, experience The Ocean firsthand, and provide valuable feedback.

Our Reasoning:

  • We want to ensure all early adopters enjoy day one access to The Ocean. Our compliance team is working day and night to ensure thousands of identities are processed swiftly. By continuing to onboard early adopters, we can introduce more traders into the world of DEX trading.
  • We want to build the best platform possible for you. If you are approved to trade on The Ocean, you will receive a beta invite to test our platform with all notional fees waived. We set our bar high, and we strive to exceed expectations. That’s why we’re engaging with even more traders to gather the feedback necessary for pixel and performance perfection.
  • We want to close more partnerships and tokens for launch. From market makers to investors and tokens, we are actively cultivating the relationships to make your Ocean trading experience definitively better than any other decentralized or centralized exchange. We’d like to show the world the best of what we have to offer at launch, and this includes who we partner with.

Overall, the feedback that we’ve gotten to date is great, and we’d like to continue this cycle of open iteration to build a phenomenal trading platform. Keep an eye out for a special invite in your email inbox, and reach out to us on Twitter or Telegram if you have any questions.

What’s Next?

It’s been a long adventure for us at The Ocean, and we’re eager to see it truly begin! Keep an eye out for upcoming content like:

  • Algorithmic Trading 101: Our Final Lesson
  • OCEAN Token: A Deeper Look at Gas Costs and Savings
  • Our Launch Tokens and How to List with Us
  • July Monthly Update


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