Oddshot Needs You

How we intend to build the world’s best community-driven gaming video platform

We originally started Oddshot for two reasons:

1. To give lesser known streamers a way to spread the great content they are creating far and wide
2. To get more people interested in livestreamed gaming and eSports by showing a wider audience short clips of the best moments

The community around livestreamed gaming and eSports is it’s most valuable asset. Leveraging that community, making it easy for them to spread those mind boggling moments in gaming, is the most powerful way to spread the word. This is where we thought Oddshot could help: Oddshot makes the process of capturing a short clip of an awesome moment and sharing it across social media as easy as possible. Like this one:

Now We Need Your Help

Next we need to build the best possible way for people to discover all the great content our users have captured (around 100 000 shots so far — that’s over 1100 hours already). This is where you come in. We think video sites on average, be they gaming related or not, don’t do a great job of helping users find exciting content consistently and easily.

Our team is full of ideas, but we don’t assume we have the perfect solution, so we need you. You as gamers and fans of livestreaming know best what you want Oddshot to become, how you want to be served Oddshot content. This is the internet and we know all too well what happens when companies don’t listen to their communities.


For this reason, we’d like to enter into a dialogue with you guys about any ideas you may have, good or bad. We love chatting with you guys. If you have awesome ideas, let us know, we will listen. If you have scathing critique, please pass that along to us as well. We want everyone’s experience with Oddshot to be as good as possible, so we need all the feedback we can get.

Tweet us @oddshot_tv or send us an email at info@oddshot.tv with your ideas and feedback. Flood our inbox. Go on, I dare you.

Teemu Paivinen (@teempai) is one of the founders at Oddshot.tv, an instant replay and community captured highlight reel for livestreamed gaming. For more information visit oddshot.tv or follow @oddshot_tv on twitter.

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