Are You a Coding Valkyrie?

The Odin Project is Looking for Contributors

Are you ready to be a Valkyrie like Cody Lloyd?

Cody Loyd is a High School music teacher that lives with his family in Rural Missouri. He started learning to code at The Odin Project about a year ago and officially joined the Odin team in June 2016. He loves helping new learners in the chatrooms and is currently working on developing the Odin JavaScript curriculum.

It’s what you’ve been waiting for! The Odin Project is looking for contributors to our redesign. There is a lot of stuff that needs to be done and much of it is beginner friendly! You can even start super small if you want to and just look for typos and grammar mistakes. Every little bit helps and everything counts toward your open source contributions — no matter how small.

Some Useful Links

Contributing Guide
Style Guide
Current Issues
Gitter Room for Contributors

Strap on your wings and get ready for glory! You too can help Odin bring forth Ragnarok — the new beginning for The Odin Project!