Troy’s Top 10 Movies of 2016

bonus points to the movies that actually came out in 2016

10. Midnight Special

The first hour of this one is the best movie I saw last year. Micheal Shannon stays king. Adam Driver is Clark Kent turned NSA agent. Stop telling me Joel Edgerton isn’t the best. Feed me your ‘the ending was dumb and ruined the movie’ takes. I am hungry.

9. Inherent Vice

In 1970, drug-fueled Los Angeles private investigator Larry “Doc” Sportello investigates the disappearance of a former girlfriend. Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. bet.

8. The Nice Guys

Ryan Gosling’s performance in Crazy Stupid Love is very important to me. I’m down for anything with him on the poster. Him and Crowe own this movie so hard, there isn’t really any other way to put it. Shane Black puts two funny and interesting people in a stylish version of 70’s LA . He doesn’t settle for any typical convention (for the most part) as it tends to be told. A basic shake down will involve the explosion of a case of TruMoo. A ‘routine’ lock picking will involve Gosling accidentally slitting his wrist. He’ll be swimming in a cliffside aquarium with prostitutes one minute, and drunkenly trying to dispose of a stumbled upon body the next. I like going to the movies and having fun.

7. Steve Jobs

Kate Winslet’s movie

An all time ‘oh I forgot this even came out let’s see if it’s any good’ while scrolling through HBO movie. Also what Boyle and Sorkin do with this scene is stuff of wizards.

6. The Handmaiden

There is so much style in Park Chan-wook’s latest that I would actually be fine with hanging myself from one of his cherry blossoms. Except every one of his blossoms are actually necessary. There is substance to his style. Imaginative, sexy, and gripping. The kind that unfolds and wraps itself around your throat.

5. O.J.: Made In America

More important/entertaining/provocative/introspective/honest than any history class you will ever take. (that sounded like an insult; I love history classes with all my heart)

4. Yojimbo

a perfect movie

3. Children of Men

The Last of Us is one of my favorite things ever created in the world. I watched more making of’s and motion capture b-roll from the video game than I spent time doing homework in high school. I always appreciated its partial inspiration from McCarthy’s ‘The Road’, but was annoyed that some people thought TLOU was even 10% ‘ripped off’ from McCarthy’s novel. There is no TLOU without Children of Men. This movie is impenetrable. There are no holes in its handling of the characters; nothing is sacred, as it should be. No holes in the stupidly immersive production design. Not in Micheal Caine’s weed farm. And somehow not even in the multiple five plus minute tracking shots (shit is actually astounding).

2. Everybody Wants Some!!!

The best day of my life (until tomorrow).

1. Moonlight

There’s more soul in the scene where Chiron vengefully marches to his biology class than any movie I have ever scene. It is unexplainable. Nicholas Britell’s heart eating score might be some explanation, but there is a life to this one that is undefinable. The direction is there too, and then some (and then some more). Barry Jenkins is unrelenting in everything. He’ll dive face first into a close up of a broken child grasping for any sense of place then pull away and show that the sunlight looks kinda beautiful when it bounces off the palm trees during the day, even in the projects. This was the best movie I saw this year.

HM: The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness, Sing Street, GREEN ROOM, silence, NERVE

list format inspired by dunkey, fennessy.

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