Podcast: Moving to Probabilistic Operating Models with Len D’Avolio

In Context episode 10 featuring Len D’Avolio

In this episode of the In Context podcast, we welcome Len D’Avolio. Len is Co-Founder and CEO of Cyft, a Boston-based machine learning startup that turns healthcare organizations into learning healthcare systems. In his conversation with Kathryn Hume, they talk about what does and doesn’t work in helping companies shift from a deterministic to a probabilistic operating model through the lens of the healthcare industry.

You’ll learn about the:

  • Ways in which healthcare is ripe for disruption
  • Role of data science and machine learning in healthcare
  • Economic incentives of the healthcare provider system
  • Hurdles that healthcare needs to overcome in its approach to data
  • Breaking away from rules-based thinking
  • How machine learning can change the types of services healthcare provides

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