“Contextual Wisdom” — Our New Medium Publication

What we’ll cover and why you should tune in.

Dear readers and innovators in the mobile app, wearable device, and Internet of Things (IoT) space:

Thank you for reading our blog posts. Until now, we’ve published articles on Medium under our Neura profile. As more people have followed and engaged with our content, we decided to create a publication.

We’re calling it (drum roll, please). . .

Contextual Wisdom.


Our main goal with the publication is to share the best insights we can by drawing upon a wide range of expertise from within our company and among the broader tech community.

Here’s the lowdown on the ethos behind Contextual Wisdom and what you can expect from it.

What Is “Contextual Wisdom”?

“Contextual wisdom” refers to consumer technologies operating with an understanding of each end-user’s physical, real-world context. It connotes human-centric apps and devices that proactively serve users in a highly personalized way. A contextually wise product knows who users are and what they do in their day-to-day lives.

Such technologies, by our reckoning, will benefit society on a big scale. For example, they will prevent diabetes, greatly reduce home utilities costs, and/or simply free up time like never before.

In our publication, we’ll explore how contextually wise technologies will improve people’s lives.

Topics We’ll Cover

Contextual wisdom is a concept that touches a multiplicity of use cases, industries, and topics.

As a “Top Writer” in Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things on Medium, we will continue to cover those two topics. We’ll also explore:

  1. Machine learning;
  2. Algorithms;
  3. Mobile apps;
  4. User (people)-centric products;
  5. Personalized technology;
  6. The “quantified self”;
  7. And beyond.

While we’ll write about any industry in which contextual wisdom has relevance, we’re particularly passionate about healthcare. As such, in addition to what we’ve already written on the subject, we’ll feature stories that look at ways to improve wearables and digital health tools to drive better health outcomes.

Beyond digital health, we’ll talk about everything from smart homes to self-driving cars to user-aware music players.

In the end, we want Contextual Wisdom to be a hub that converges the most relevant ideas on AI, mobile apps, and IoT.

We’re excited to keep the conversation going! As always, thank you for reading.

We welcome submissions! Send your idea or draft blog post to matt@theneura.com.

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About Neura
Neura’s Personal AI engine increases engagement and retention for the world’s most captivating mobile apps and IoT devices. Neura’s machine learning algorithms transform sensor data from end-users’ smartphones and devices into insights about their behavior patterns and real-world contexts. Apps and devices draw upon these insights to deliver highly personalized service to each end-user. In short, Neura makes apps and devices “contextually wise”.

Since 2012, Neura’s team of data scientists and innovators has been perfecting its proprietary technology. Neura has offices in Tel Aviv, Israel and Silicon Valley, CA.