My Days: Fertility Awareness App Increases Engagement by 18 Percent with Neura

Artificial intelligence, user awareness, and perfectly timed app reminders.


My Days is a mobile app that helps women track their ovulation cycles. With over 20 million downloads, the fertility awareness app is a trusted resource for women trying to conceive, practicing a natural form of birth control, or simply wanting self-knowledge.

Category: Women’s health, wellness, fertility.
Metrics: 20 million app downloads; 5 million monthly active users (MAU).


At its launch, My Days was the first period tracking app on the market. Over the years, it has seen wide adoption and enjoyed high ratings from thousands of happy users. But competitors have surfaced that threaten to take My Days’ customers. To stand out in a crowded marketplace, the My Days team decided to personalize their app. Ultimately, they wanted to spur user engagement and reduce churn.


Initially, My Days focused on personalizing just one feature in the app: smart reminders.

For example, the app reminds users to check their basal metabolic temperatures (BMT) every morning. To get an accurate BMT reading, a woman must check her temperature as soon as she wakes up. Any slip in this step — no matter how minor — may corrupt the menstrual chart for that month.

Before integrating the Neura software development kit (SDK), My Days couldn’t sense when users woke up. Consequently, the app sometimes clanged while they were still asleep or chirped after they had already been up for a while. In either case, My Days struggled to reach users at times when they were most likely to engage.

With Neura, My Days can now send perfectly timed reminders. The result? Women check their BMT more often and spend more time using My Days.

With Neura, the My Days app can send perfectly timed reminders.

Through artificial intelligence (AI), Neura equips My Days with user awareness. Our machine learning algorithms transform data from a user’s phone and devices into insights about their activities in the physical world (e.g. when they wake from sleep). My Days pulls from these insights to adapt its behavior to the user.

With Neura, the My Days app can send perfectly timed, event-based reminders.


In just 30 days with the Neura integration, My Days has seen reduced churn and increased engagement.

First off, the number of daily active users (DAU) has gone up by 16 percent.

Secondly, to assess Neura’s impact, My Days divided a sample of users into two groups: 1) users who receive time-based reminders (old method); and 2) users who receive Neura reminders (user-aware reminders).

The results showed that users who received Neura reminders engaged with My Days at an 18 percent higher rate than those who received time-based reminders.

“Right away, Neura has made a dent in user engagement,” said Christian Mueller, CEO at My Days. “Our users are spending more time in My Days because of the Neura-enabled smart reminders. Being able to reach users as soon as they’re waking up is crucial. I expect we’ll see even better engagement the longer we use Neura.”

“Our users are spending more time in MyDays because of the Neura-enabled smart reminders.” — Christian Mueller, CEO at My Days

He added: “Building AI user awareness technology in-house would’ve been prohibitively expensive in terms of resources and time. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to embed the Neura SDK.”

Now that they’ve seen how user awareness improves engagement, My Days plans to extend Neura’s reach to other areas of the app.

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