Firefox: Kind of like if farm-to-browser were a thing

(…about those things)
You value things that are fresh, sustainable, all-natural, free-range, gluten-free, nitrate-free, just generally free, and most importantly: made by real people. Shouldn’t you want those things in your browser? Firefox: the those things browser.

So we don’t have organic melons inside our browser. We are the only major browser backed by a non-profit, though, and that matters.

You clearly don’t have to shop at farmer’s markets or hold chickens (or smell lettuce) to use Firefox, but everyone makes choices in their lives about the things that matter them. Granted, some those choices are little things we do everyday online that we might not even think about, but they can add up to make a difference. Choosing something that’s not only made for people, not for profit, but that’s fast and private is a choice worth making.

Oh, so that non-profit part we keep mentioning? It’s Mozilla. They help keep the internet healthier through programs that support tech education for girls, create trust around factual news, and try to bring civility to the comments sections of the internet, for starters.

And bear with us here on the metaphor, but a sustainable web is one where competition and innovation thrive and power isn’t centralized with just a few tech giants.

We’re not going to start peddling Firefox at markets, btw. You can’t even buy Firefox because it’s free, so.

Whether or not you’re into laughing while doing yoga, publicly caressing nightshades, or biting right into a ripe avocado, we care about the things you care about because we care about you. That’s why we don’t sell your data for money. That’s also why we’ve been working hard to make Firefox better and a heck of a lot faster. Because forget what The Fray said: sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are not the same. We want choosing Firefox to be a real easy choice.

So while you’re out there browsing fast, you know you’re also browsing free. Like, super free. (And also fast.)