The Download-A-Thon is Your Online Oasis This Cyber Monday

There will be at least one cat involved in the making of this live stream. That cat is also a DJ. Long story, just watch it on Monday.

Maybe you spent Black Friday camped out in a parking lot waiting for the opportunity to be trampled by throngs of bargain hunters. We understand, we’ve been there.

Or maybe you decided to forego the Black Friday madness and saved your deal-grabbing efforts for Cyber Monday, so now you’re preparing to hit refresh on a crashed site that may or may not be repeatedly charging your credit card with every refresh. We understand, we’ve been there too.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Open Signal, Portland’s legendary public access station, to create the first ever Download-A-Thon. What’s a Download-A-Thon? We just made it up, so we expected you to ask.

We’re talking about a full 570 minutes of live, interactive content (celebrating the break-neck speed of our new browser) on Facebook kicking off on 11/27 at noon Pacific including:

  • A speed eating competition where the audience votes on which foods get eaten
  • A Belated Birthday (we turned 13 on November 9th) Baking Show
  • A short-form improv comedy showdown
  • Interpretive dance-a-thon where the audience gets to decide what the dancers are interpreting through movement
  • And much more…like 5 ½ hours more

Think about it as an oasis in the midst of the Cyber Monday insanity.

Just keep one tab open to the Download-A-Thon and when it feels like the entire internet is a used car salesman trying to bully you out of every dollar, you’ll have an ad-free sanctuary to go laugh and unwind.

Just keep one tab open and when you realized with a shudder that you just spent your last Bitcoin, you’ll have a place to go that hearkens back to a time when the internet was about questionable green screens and innocent doggo memes, not commerce.

Just keep one tab open and when your boss walks by you’ll be just one click away from making it look like you’ve been watching a speed eating contest, not shopping for decorative Nicolas Cage pillows (which are a real thing for real)

Is that last one any better? Maybe, maybe not, but that’s not the point.

The point is that we made the Download-A-Thon for you because we’re all on the same internet and at least for one day — especially on Cyber Monday — we want to make that internet a slightly better place. We hope to see you there.