Colorado Rockies’ Twitter

I’ve long thought that the Colorado Rockies have the best Twitter account among the professional sports teams in Denver.

Their team runs a self-aware, funny, practical Twitter account, making it much easier for fans to interact with.

Since the Rockies have been off for about three months now, I went to their Twitter account to see what their digital team is doing with all of their free time.

The Rockies have remained active on Twitter, but it seems like they’ve done so just for the sake of doing so. Thankfully for them Major League Baseball’s winter meetings have recently kicked off, giving them some sort of content to post while baseball is in the middle of the offseason.

The Rockies continuously post pictures, talk about the days of the week, tweet at other baseball teams and local sports teams, and give updates on what’s going on with their players off the field.

This is an interesting way for a sports team to use a Twitter account, but they are doing their best to keep baseball on fan’s minds.