A Look into Offsite Camp 2015

Photos courtesy of Cambria Grace and Felix Kunze

Three days in the wilderness are just what the doctor ordered for a fresh perspective and creative recharge. Especially when that wilderness includes a blob, bonfires, and farm-to-table cuisine at a polished up former summer camp. We invited the brightest minds, who continue to push the boundaries of what is possible, to connect and collaborate — and as a result, we solidified our purpose:

Allow entrepreneurs to escape the ordinary to pioneer change.

With two years of Offsite Camp now in the books, and a growing community of over 200 strangers we now call friends, we’re so excited to share some highlights of our most successful retreat yet.

For more on last year’s lineup and to apply for an invite to future events, visit our event page. If there’s someone you think should see this, please feel free to share.

Thank You

Offsite has become an extremely meaningful project for me. It’s allowed me to explore my passions, connect with people I truly admire, and help collectively inspire others to initiate positive change — both in our ventures and in our lives. It wouldn’t be possible without everyone that’s been a part of it. Thank you!

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