Our Greatest Game is not about the game. It’s about the moments.

The First and Greatest Game that America Has Ever Known is mostly about moments.

Really, the moments.

That’s what it’s about.

The First and Greatest Game that America Has Ever Known is not about the games themselves. It’s not about the results. It’s not about the wins or the losses. It’s not about the championships or the trophies. It’s not about the hype. It’s not about the rankings. It’s not about the egos. It’s not about the money.

(Honestly, it’s not about the money, though it’s kinda about the money).

No, American college football — a game that was gifted to us way back in 1868, along the banks of the Raritan River up in New Jersey — is not about any of that stuff. Because again, what it’s about — what it’s always been about — is the moments.

Moments like this.

Or this.

Or this.

The moments are why I love this game. The moments are why you love this game. The moments are why we tune in on Saturdays for hours on end, and why we drive miles and miles to get to the game long before the ball is kicked off, and why we stay up late to watch those wonderful Pac-12 games that Pac-12 people think nobody outside of Pac-12 country actually watch.

The moments are why we reminisce.

The moments are why we get weepily nostalgic talking about that legendary tailgate on that glorious October Saturday way back when, why we tell boring stories about that amazing punt return back in the day, why we complain about that (perceived and/or real) injustice long, long past.

The moments are why we pass our ridiculous passion for this ridiculous sport down to our children, and why we trade texts upon texts upon texts on those wonderful Saturdays, and why our mood on Sundays is dictated almost completely by the action on the field the day before.

The moments are why we yell. Why we scream. Why we complain. Why we lament. Why we (let’s admit it) sometimes cry.

(In joy, of course).

The moments are everything, because the moments are why we talk about the moments years after the moments have come and gone.

Today, we welcome yet another season of America’s first and greatest game: college football. Which means today we usher in yet another season of moments — good and bad and glorious and disastrous and unjust and unbelievable.

It will be a bumpy ride, that’s for sure. But it will be a wonderful ride, too.

College football is back.

Let the moments begin.

And let us do our best to savor them.

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