Every SEC Football Team’s Record Since 2012

Ranking the SEC Football teams from worst to first.

A football on a football field.
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You can probably guess who is first on this list.

But some other teams on this list surprised me.

SEC Football Records from 2012–2021

  • 14 — Vanderbilt (47–74 .388 Pct).
  • 13 — Arkansas (49–73 .402 Pct).
  • 12 — Kentucky (61–63 .492 Pct).
  • 11 — Tennessee (62–61 .504 Pct).
  • 10 — South Carolina (67–58 .536 Pct).
  • 9 — Missouri (69–56 .552 Pct).
  • 8 — Ole Miss (69–54 .561 Pct).
  • 7 — Mississippi State (74–54 .578 Pct).
  • 6 — Auburn (77–52 .597 Pct).
  • 5 — Florida (80–46 . 635 Pct).
  • 4 — Texas A&M (85–41 .675 Pct).
  • 3 — LSU (90–37 .709 Pct).
  • 2 — Georgia (106–28 .791 Pct).
  • 1 — Alabama (128–13 .908 Pct).

The Teams That Surprised Me the Most


I had forgotten how good Missouri was from 2013 to 2014. They were one of the best teams in the nation over those two years. Thanks to those two seasons, they found their way to ninth place.


Every year people say, “Tennessee is back!”

Just stop. Only three teams have worse records over the last ten years — Kentucky, Arkansas, and Vanderbilt. Tennessee is only one win over .500 over the past decade.

Maybe Tennessee can return to the top — but they have a long way to go before they’re back on “Good ole Rocky Top.”


The SEC has been really good. Only three teams have had a losing record over the last ten years.

The SEC West has certainly been better than the East. Six of the top eight teams are from the SEC West.

Who do you think is best positioned to dominate the next ten years?

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