At a glance: JHSSCT Elections

Andrea Patrice Alinea 9 — St. John the Baptist | Managing Editor, Chryssa Jayne Dimailig 8 — St. Andrew, Lyka Louisse Villaflores 9 — St. Maximilian Kolbe | Staffers

In line with the upcoming school elections, the Junior High School Students Coordinating Team conducted their second online Miting de Avance on Gather Town yesterday, May 11, 2022. The candidates stood with their beliefs, accompanied by their credentials, vision, and mission. Both parties also presented different platforms that are supposed to be beneficial for the student body especially during this time of difficulty.

Both Partylists, Hiraya and Hidlaw, tend to share the same goal over the student body: to voice out concerns and be the voice of those who don’t have one. With that, not only do they boost and shape the students’ discipline, but also to spread joy and fun. Since the school setup is still online, both partylists propose fun filled games, aligned with the school’s virtues, that can both help the students chill from schoolworks, and also the school. Hidlaw Partylist, for example, put up entrance fees to their proposed games, so the profits of it would be used for external activities and other projects. For the Hiraya partylist, they propose resuming of clubs after this school year to continue extra-curricular activities of students.

During the preview of their promotional videos, they also tackled campus issues and leadership queries they plan to address and were discussed in depth during the Question and Answer session. The program ended with closing remarks given by the JHSSCT Coordinator Ms. Monica Sablaya.

The JHSSCT elections took place last Thursday, May 12, 2022, with the Board of Constituents serving as the de-facto COMELEC for this year’s student body elections for the JHSSCT.

Leading the board, majority of Hidlaw Partylist have come near to serve; having Jornacion, Vitriolo, Inez, Moya, Gervacio, Tolentino, Cruz, Merin, and Asido as the top candidates. While the Hiraya Partylist have De Leon, Cheng, and Catangay who have succeeded to secure their respective spots.

The final official results for the JHSSCT elections will be tallied and approved soon but no specific date has been given yet.



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