Ethics, methodologies highlighted in recently concluded SHS Research Conference

Niele Alizier G. Rosani | News Editor | 10 — St. Therese of Lisieux

Mr. Inducil conducts his lecture on methodologies of researching at the second leg of the SHS Research Conference held last March 8, 2022

Senior High School Department’s annual Research Conference returns for its fourth year online, underlining the different research ethics and methodologies, attended by Grade 10–12 students and faculty on March 7–8, 2022.

Unlike previous years where it only catered to Senior High School students, Grade 10 students were added to the roster of attendees this year to prepare them for Senior High School where research is a mandatory unit.

Due to limitations set by the Covid-19 pandemic, the conference was still held online via Microsoft Teams and live streamed through Facebook and YouTube. It featured research experts from the St. Paul schools network and alumni of OLPS SHS.

One of them was Mr. Romnick Inducil of St. Paul University — San Miguel, Bulacan who taught Science from elementary to tertiary level. He divided his talk on day 2 into three categories: discussing qualitative, quantitative, and scientific research design, and expounded on the different research methods students could approach depending on the scope of their study.

The other plenary speaker was Psychology program chair Ms. Khristine Condes of St. Paul University — Quezon City. During the first plenary session, she walked through the ethics in conducting research and how Paulinian values help guide students in keeping pursuit of data morally upright.

Her session also stressed the importance of adhering to ethical and moral standards in carrying out studies. Relating research ethics to the 5 core values of Paulinian Education, she described how one should have honesty, integrity, and competence in completing their study.

The afternoon portion of the last day also featured an exhibition of studies conducted by OLPS alumni, with STEM alumna Khristhel Corinne De Leon showcasing her research on automated misting systems being utilized as disinfectant atomizers to combat COVID-19. Criz Pauline Gaite of the ABM strand presented her work on using online marketing to boost businesses, on the other hand.

Meanwhile, Ma. Desiree Badua from HUMSS introduced her case study on smartphone dependency for students during community quarantine.

Spearheaded by the Senior High School department as well as the English and Mathematics faculty, the conference aimed to value research and develop students’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills.



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