John Nickholai Echevarria | 10 — St. Augustine | Editor-in-chief

Elections for the set of Junior High School Students’ Coordinating Team officers are set to be done on May 12, Wednesday, to replace incumbents for the upcoming school year 2022–2023.

In a text message sent by JHSSCT Sec. Thea Magno, the elections are said to be preceded by a Miting de Avance on May 11. There, all candidates will be asked with questions collected by the Board of Constituents and the current JHSSCT officers. Both election and MDA will happen from 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM.

The OLPSian Times, through its Media/Creatives wing, will be providing coverage of the Miting de Avance via livestreaming on MS Teams. Maryle Mopera and Kyzenh Geronimo from the Broadcast sector are also set to host the event. The candidates, however, will be inside Gather Town like last year.

Its Publication sector , on the other hand, will bring news and live count updates as the election happens.

This year’s election will also be following a bipartisan format with Hidlaw, headed by incumbent Asst. Internal Vice Pres. Crishelle Jornacion, and Hiraya, headed by Grade 9 — St. Sebastian Class Pres. Ann Klein Herrera, competing for seats in the JHS student governing body.

However, due to time constraints brought by the nearing end of the school year, some changes were made for this year’s election.

Media Liaison Officer Salvador confirmed that campaigns will be held asynchronously. Advisers will instead be posting campaign materials of each party on their respective Homeroom Google Classrooms to be read by their students at their own pace.

On election day, digital campaign posters will be posted alongside the Google Form link that shall serve as the voters’ e-ballots. The forms will open at exactly 1:00 PM and will close at 3:00 PM.

Additionally, the Homeroom Committee Representative will not be directly voted unlike the last elections. Instead, the losing candidate for IVP will be appointed in the said position while the losing presidential candidate will be appointed as Peace Advocacy Head.

For upcoming updates, please follow The OLPSian Times and the hashtag #OLPSHalalanJHS2022 for details regarding the elections of JHSSCT officers for S.Y. 2022–2023!