The OLPSian Times goes Digital

Open Announcement from the Official School Publication of Our Lady of Peace School

The adjustments brought by the ‘New Normal’ due to the COVID-19 Global Pandemic has challenged us in our school publication, ‘The OLPSian Times’ to continue responding to the signs of the times.

The school year is rapidly adapting to a lot of changes; one of which is the major shifting of the publication to digital journalism.

Thus, the online paperless transition will take the place of digital journalism. Through varieties of online platforms, ‘The OLPSian Times’ will continue delivering fresh and relevant news using the official social media pages of the school and the publication, in preparation for the shifting of utilizing WordPress.


OLPSian-Paulinians, let us continue to support the upcoming projects and programs of ‘The OLPSian Times’.

More power to our publication. Glory be to God!

Caritas Cristi Urget Nos!



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