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The Olympus Post, Volume XXXVII: May 14th, 2023

Greetings Olympians,

Got another newsletter for you guys — though, I will open up by saying that not much ‘news’ has occurred since the last post. Over the past few months, our unwavering focus has been on guaranteeing that every aspect of The Pantheon’s journey and the forthcoming Initial Coin Offering (ICO) proceeds seamlessly. We are still in that process.

Once fully launched, The Pantheon will be hailed as a groundbreaking project within the world of DeFi. This visionary concept has the ability to captivate the minds of crypto enthusiasts far and wide and as the word begins to spread, the fire will start to burn. Now, as we stand on the precipice of its launch, the final pieces of the puzzle are being laid down. The team has left no stone unturned, meticulously fine-tuning every detail and ensuring that the platform stands as a paragon of transparency, trust, and innovation.

Transitions can be tumultuous, but they are also fertile ground for growth and improvement. The team at Zeus Finance understands this profoundly and has been working tirelessly to ensure that The Pantheon’s transition from development to deployment is a smooth one. With meticulous planning, rigorous testing, and constant communication, we are weaving together a seamless fabric of technology, transparency, and functionality.

However, it is not just the internal transitions that demand our attention this month. The upcoming Initial Coin Offering (ICO) represents a pivotal moment in The Pantheon’s journey. As we all know, ICOs have become synonymous with new opportunities, empowering groundbreaking projects to gather the necessary resources to fuel their expansion. Our ICO will be crucial in unveiling The Pantheon to the world and inviting individuals and institutions to participate in its growth.

Our team here at Zeus Finance understands the weight of this responsibility. We are pioneers in making Web3 more ethical, and we have an amazing opportunity to spearhead this movement. We have diligently crafted a comprehensive strategy to ensure the ICO is conducted transparently, adhering to the highest standards of security and compliance. Our goal is to provide every investor with confidence in The Pantheon’s potential and to cultivate a vibrant and inclusive community that will champion its long-term success.

As we embark on these new beginnings, let us remember that transitions often require perseverance, adaptability, and collaboration. Our team at Zeus Finance exemplifies these qualities and remains resolute in our commitment to realizing the full potential of The Pantheon. We can expect nothing short of a memorable chapter in the story of decentralized finance.

Where We Have Been:

At the core of Zeus Finance and The Pantheon lies a vibrant, electrifying community of Olympians. You are all extraordinary individuals, not mere spectators but tireless crusaders, spreading the word of ethical behavior throughout the vast expanse of the Web3 universe. Your fervor and unwavering dedication have transformed you into a beacon of hope, illuminating the path for fledgling start-ups, revealing how a community-driven force can propel us towards unparalleled triumph. You’ve given the team hope, a driving force for why we do this. Let it be known that without each and every one of you, our ascent to glory would be but a distant dream.

Now, let’s cut through the jargon and dive headfirst into the beating heart of The Pantheon’s mission. I want to reiterate it one more time, briefly and clearly for those who are not clear on what our vision is moving forward.

Our purpose is clear: to champion ethical conduct within the boundless realm of Web3 and serve as the resounding voice of transparency, accountability, and responsibility. This audacious commitment breathes life into our community, transcending mere rhetoric and manifesting in our every interaction, both within our ranks and in our engagements with the wider Web3 ecosystem. Our community is an open sanctuary, embracing all who seek collaboration and innovation. Together, we harness the mighty force of collective wisdom, knowing that by uniting our minds, we can move mountains.

Now, regarding how we are trying to make this happen, let’s dive in to what happened on Mt. Olympus over the last few weeks.

1st, we have released our Official Telegram for The Pantheon. For clarity, we will have an ‘announcements’ channel which will be strictly for announcements, meaning users cannot talk in this channel but will be able to read all of the information that they need to stay informed.

A separate channel for the ‘community’ will be dedicated for users to discuss whatever they’d like — a place to connect. This is purely a place to talk about what’s happening in the world of transparency, share ideas, educate others, and so on.

2nd, we added a new ‘Record Nodes’ button to our dApp on our Nodes Page, near the buttons for claiming and paying fees. This feature allows us to track the number of nodes you have acquired on our platform, specifically to monitor active nodes.

We understand that this is an extra step to recording your nodes, but we want to stress the importance of doing so. When we transition to NFTs, any Olympian who hasn’t recorded their nodes may not have their nodes converted to an NFT. To be clear, only Active Nodes will be recorded through the Record Nodes button and only nodes that are active at the time that node creation ends will be eligible for the conversion to NFTs.

So please, make sure to press the ‘Record Nodes’ button.

3rd, we have integrated Zealy, a questing system for communities, into The Pantheon’s ecosystem.

With Zealy, you can all now unlock new horizons as you immerse yourself in a captivating world of quests that align with your passions, interests, and ambitions with The Pantheon. With each triumphant completion, your XP (Experience Points) will soar, serving as a tangible testament to your progress and unwavering dedication.

And, as your XP accumulates, you’ll unlock the ultimate prize — a chance to earn the coveted PAN token. In a display of utmost generosity, we have set aside a portion of PAN exclusively for the top 10 members who amass the most XP over time. The spoils of victory await the brave souls who demonstrate unparalleled commitment.

Unleashing the power of the Zealy Dashboard, you’ll uncover quests, ensuring an intriguing adventure awaits. Simply connect your wallet, embark on a thrilling journey, and follow the guiding light that will lead you to PAN.

Seize this extraordinary opportunity to become an integral part of our mission to make Web3 a bastion of ethics. Feel free to seek guidance, share your visionary ideas for future quests, or seek clarifications from our dedicated team. Together, let us forge a path toward an unparalleled questing odyssey, where legends are born and remarkable achievements are celebrated.

Where We Are:

The time has almost arrived for a seamless transition that will unleash a new era of possibilities. With the final strokes of the ICO’s masterpiece being meticulously applied, our vision for the future of Zeus Finance takes shape, fueled by an unwavering belief in the potential of ethical decentralization. The team’s unwavering commitment is driven by an insatiable desire to revolutionize the landscape, infusing it with unparalleled opportunities for all.

Right now, we are still focusing on onboarding many more projects and companies into The Pantheon. On top of ensuring we keep expanding our client list, we are ensuring that the product itself is more than exceptional and completely fulfills its goals, identifying any edits we may have to make to the foundational framework.

But, allow me to break down what the focus is on right now, in a bit more detail.

Marketing: With a limited marketing budget, Morpheus has still found a way forward, finding success in outreach. In fact, based on the data that we have access to, our campaigns have been nothing short of triumphant, resonating with audiences far and wide. As the winds of change sweep across the digital landscape, more and more individuals are flocking to our social platforms, eager to join our vibrant community.

At the heart of our marketing triumph lies a multi-faceted approach, designed to captivate and engage. We have strategically positioned our brand across various channels, harnessing the power of both traditional and digital platforms. One of our notable achievements includes holding captivating ads on DexScreener, a prominent platform that has proven instrumental in attracting a diverse array of investors.

In addition to the ads, we also have created a decent amount of content to share through socials, in addition to having an influencer ready to start campaigning for us, with just a few final details to be given before the go.

Cardinal House, one of our partners specializing in marketing, will be running growth campaigns for The Pantheon as well, where we are utilizing a group of people that specialize specifically on growth. With their help, we have extra hands contributing to our marketing efforts which will surely help solidify the success of The Pantheon’s launch.

Through these targeted campaigns, we have witnessed an influx of passionate individuals, driven by a shared vision of revolutionizing the Web3 space. With the upcoming moves, we only foresee further progress. The resounding success of our marketing endeavors is evident not only in the growing numbers on our socials but also in the vibrant discussions and enthusiastic participation taking place within our community.

By carefully crafting compelling narratives and showcasing the immense potential of The Pantheon, we have ignited a spark of curiosity and inspired countless individuals to embark on this transformative journey with us. Our marketing strategy serves as a conduit, bridging the gap between our vision and the collective aspirations of those who seek to be part of the Web3 revolution.

Nodes and Staking Transition: We have some major changes occurring this week, specifically for Zeus Finance. So, our devs have been preparing the scripts to be put in place.

As many of you know, on May 16th at 8:00 PM EST, the emissions from nodes and staking will be paused temporarily (as in, for months), paving the way for an incredible metamorphosis. Nodes evolve into captivating NFTs, emitting one of the safest stablecoins, USDC. But remember, to ensure a smooth transition, please make your final claim takes place BEFORE 8 PM EST on May 16th.

Rest assured, our loyal Olympians with a 15% claim tax can still claim at their privileged rate. And for those whose nodes didn’t reach maturity, we have good news — the claim fee will be reduced to 50%. The switch to the 50% claim fee will take effect on Monday at 3 PM EST. Once the emissions are turned off, no further claims will be possible, even if you have tokens accumulated from nodes. And, for those who have ZEUS in their compound balance, we will be lowering the claim from that balance down to 50% as well.

Also, take note, after the emission pause, there will be a brief period during which you can create new nodes. This opportunity allows us to fulfill the 50k node cap, ensuring a dynamic and thriving ecosystem.

The PAN Initial Coin Offering: As discussed, we have been finalizing a few final pieces for the ICO, including the token contract itself so that it’s ready for launch.

We have previously announced that we would not be using a launchpad, and would be launching our token through our own means. Though, we actually have been in talks with two different launchpads and have a high chance of launching with them if the agreement we are looking for is accepted. With that being said, we would like to inform you of the potential for a change of plans, including the likelihood of delaying the ICO into the first week of June. We are considering this purely for added exposure, accessing users for each launchpad. This also allows for a bit more of a marketing push, giving us more time to capitalize on our moves.

Once everything is completely confirmed, we will let you all know immediately. Though, as of now, the launch is still scheduled for May 19th.

Where We Are Going:

Behind the scenes, our minds have been crafting ingenious adjustments that will redefine the very essence of user experience, scalability, and security. In the future, we will have a transformed platform that empowers our community, placing the reins of control firmly in your hands.

Like a phoenix emerging from the ashes, or a caterpillar holding its final beauty from its origin, Zeus Finance will be undergoing a stunning metamorphosis of its entire identity. This evolution, shrouded in mystery, hints at a new dawn where our values, mission, and immense potential will resonate more powerfully than ever before. Get ready to be captivated by a brand that will become synonymous with innovation and disruption in DeFi.

Now, in this section I just plan on providing a vision for those who question what it is that the future looks like. I just hope to break it down simply here.

  • On Tuesday, May 16th, we will be shutting off emissions from both nodes and staking. This means there will be no more ZEUS or USDC rewards from nodes or staking. This will last a few months while we build up the treasury and build out The Pantheon, generating revenue, developing revenue producing products and services, and a building runway for a sustainable company framework. During this time, the nodes will be transformed into something we are currently labeling as ‘NFT Shares.’ These shares will be how users receive their USDC. Now understand, it will take time to develop Aegis and Ensemble for the blockchain, and we will be using the next few months building that out once the ICO for PAN is complete. *Also note, this also means that there will be no more fees come the night of May 16th — a moment that calls for celebration.
  • There are about 5 million ZEUS in circulation and most of them are staked. Many of you question, “What do we do with our tokens once we can’t stake them anymore? If everyone just un-staked and sells them all, our price will tank.” This question can be asked for any token of speculation (which is all of cryptocurrency). And yes, it is true, if everyone would sell their tokens the price would tank. With no emissions and a very low circulating supply, paired with a hard-working team and a first-to-market product, the token also has high chance of being accumulated and held, making the price rise (demand becomes higher than supply). Though, we do not provide financial advice and can not confirm what will happen. As we have announced, we have goals of expanding its total supply to 10 million tokens and capping it there. With that being said, we may cap the supply at 6-7.5 million tokens, allowing the final 1,000,000-2,500,000 or so tokens to be emitted through Olympians of Avalanche NFTs over a timeline of years. We are in discussions about this and will release more information on this once the decision is final. Regardless, OoA NFT’s will still be the only asset that emits ZEUS in the future, at a very low daily emission rate compared to today’s rates.
  • This brings us to the question of, “Then what’s next for ZEUS? Why should I own ZEUS at all or continue to be a part of this?” This is where we would refer to the countless articles and newsletters outlining our vision for The Pantheon and how it provides revenue for ZEUS, in which we will be sharing that revenue with share holders through USDC emissions. This means that once we build the runway to a healthy threshold, will will turn emissions backs on, based on how much revenue we share and how many ‘NFT shares’ each person owns.
  • As many of you know, we will be opening up governance for ZEUS which means that you will be able to stake ZEUS for governance power. One of the first proposals we would like to make is for adding the ability to stake back into the protocol, where Olympians would be able to vote on if they would like to add this function back into the dApp, and which token(s) they would like to be emitted through this function.
  • We are building another product that will be attached to The Pantheon that we have not announced. This is generally another B2B service (based on revenue), that everyday users will also be able to utilize as a B2C service for free. This has been planned and will be added once the time has come, providing further revenue for the protocol.
  • I will be straight forward here: new tokenomics are being developed for ZEUS and with that, we will likely be releasing a new version of the token down the road which will have an upgradeable contract, meaning we wouldn’t need another token migration after this transition. It would be a simple 1:1 token swap from ZEUS to the new token. To be clear, this new token for ZEUS will come down the line after The Pantheon has found solid ground and is perpetual in motion.

So, for anyone questioning what the team has been up to or what exactly we envision for the future, I hope to have laid it all out practically here without going into detail about the broader vision for the protocol. The broader vision, we have outlined numerous times, in addition to continually posting about through our socials.

Simply put — Zeus Finance is developing a product suite of decentralized services that will help create a more ethical, transparent, and user-friendly Web3 industry and we are happy that all of you are part of this journey with us.

“When, at last, I ceased to be myself, I came to be.”
Kamand Kojouri



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