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Our Roots Spread, IYKYK

The Olympus Post, Vol. XXIX: January 15th, 2023


Have you ever thought about the parallels between planting a seed and growing a business? Are there similarities? Think about it — both may start small and insignificant, but with the right care and attention, they have the potential to flourish and thrive. The process of nurturing and watching something grow can be both rewarding and challenging, but the end result is worth the effort.

Think about how this relates to Zeus Finance and its growth over the last 10 months or so. For those who have been here since the beginning, didn’t Zeus Finance start so small and seemingly insignificant, challenges constantly erupting? The protocol barely had a vision. Over time, the brand changed, the dApp was redeveloped, new utilities were released, a new token was launched, and the community has been organically expanding since the beginning.

Zeus Finance hasn’t even come close to their end goal. The vision has more space to become manifest and so much room for innovation that there may not even be an “end goal’ for the protocol but more so an overall goal to be accomplished and expanded on. Who wants passive income to end? I know Olympians don’t.

Though, as I mentioned, watching something grow can be a rewarding process. It can also be challenging. Many of you have experienced both the good and the bad of Zeus Finance’s growth. But, what exactly has Zeus Finance been working on over the last few months and what exactly is in store for Olympians in the near future?

Let’s dive in.

Where We Have Been:

Accomplishing growth in an infertile environment is not an easy task. It takes a lot of strength and perseverance — it takes going against what is natural — to accomplish success. The market continues its volatility while providing brief moments of excitement. The ebb and flow is part of the natural cycle of the markets, and anyone who has studied how different markets behave will realize that this is the case, almost unanimously.

The team at Zeus Finance has been working hard to refine their processes, staying highly active both behind the scenes and within the Avalanche community. This has allowed the protocol to provide Olympians with the latest and most innovative DeFi solutions, while also ensuring that the team is constantly improving and adapting to the ever-changing landscape of the DeFi industry. The team is truly committed to providing their users with the best possible experience, and they are excited to continue to be a rising star in Web3.

So, lets check out what the last few weeks have been like on Mt. Olympus; what is it that the team has been working on?

1st, allow me to highlight that there has been a major focus on increasing marketing efforts, and in doing so, our monthly impressions have increased significantly. Beginning January 1st, in about only 12 days, the Zeus Finance Twitter garnered more hits than entire months previous. This activity only continues to grow and this grassroots style marketing is seemingly paying off. It’s all about content and engagement.

The marketing team has been doubling impressions by the week with a target of 100k this upcoming week! Let’s see if they can reach their goal!

2nd, there have been a few meetings with RBX in which the team finalized dates for the ongoing tasks that were still yet to be accomplished. RBX has notified Zeus Finance that the Non-KYC On / Off-Ramp will be ready to go, along with available Liquidity Providers, by the end of January, with a release possibly coming February 3rd.

As many of you know, these are not hard deadlines but more so an estimated launch date with the possibility of delays that can arise from testing.

3rd, as identified, there have been ongoing grant proposals and the team will be doing what they can to secure outside funding for the assistance in building out a version of Aegis and The Pantheon for the blockchain.

The team has had ongoing discussions about co-building with Accubits and, in fact, both parties have verbally agreed to a partnership! Docs have yet to be signed, and with how in depth this build will be, it will take some time to have everything squared off. Everything is a process, and building out an enterprise ready service is no small feat. The community will be updated accordingly moving forward.

With that being said, Accubits does not provide the grant but has direct connections to Polygon (the project offering the grant) to help move the process along. Discussions are expected to occur this upcoming week. Accubits holds a large influence and with their backing, Zeus Finance foresees a bright future for The Pantheon, Aegis, and the creation of an ethical marketplace in Web3.

Outside of Accubits and Polygon, the team is still doing what it can to secure outside funding (through grants) and are applying elsewhere. Obviously, a grant from Avalanche would be a top choice, but they are not offering any grants at this time.

Where We Are:

Luckily, the market has shown some signs of relief but it’s uncertain that the down times have concluded. Be very cautious for traps — seemingly unexplainable pumps like this recent one can end with even lower lows than we saw (though, I sure hope not).

As mentioned, the volatile market allowed the company to find time and refine aspects of development and emerge stronger than before. Despite the challenges, Zeus Finance has been able to continue making progress and is well-positioned for future growth. The team has been able to focus on improving their products and services, as well as finding new opportunities in the market.

Marketing: Right now, the services that Zeus Finance provides users is the bulk of revenue. Focusing on the products that are currently providing revenue is a major goal and therefore, onboarding more users will specifically be advantageous. To onboard more users to the protocol, marketing is the prime focus, ensuring that the protocol not only becomes relevant, but stays relevant.

The educational & informative content is being pushed out daily and the engagement is only increasing.

Video content will begin to be released this week. Please stay tuned for this new video content!

Outside of social media marketing handled internally, the team is not spending any money in external marketing campaigns for the month of January. The focus is on garnering a larger community while the details of the future of Aegis and The Pantheon are being updated and finalized.

Utility: I will continue to repeat — as DeFi continues to evolve, it is essential for protocols to constantly innovate and provide new utility for users. Zeus Finance is no exception, and as many of you are aware, there are several upcoming services that will greatly enhance the user experience for those engaging with the protocol while providing additional utility for the $ZEUS token.

One of the most significant upcoming developments is the integration of a new governance system and token, veZEUS, which will give the community more power to shape the direction of the protocol and make important decisions about its future. Along with veZEUS, memberships for Olympians are also being built out which will provide additional services to members. Just know, both utilities are done being built!

But, while these upgrades are highly anticipated, it is important to note that the devs are taking great care to ensure that everything is working perfectly before release. The team understands that the success of the protocol is directly tied to the satisfaction of investors, and the team wants to ensure that you all have a seamless and positive experience with the new features. To that end, there has been extensive testing and quality assurance on these protocol upgrades, and will continue to do so until there is confidence that they are fully functional and ready for launch.

Zeus Finance is really excited to unveil these upcoming utilities and truly believe that they will significantly improve the user experience for Olympians. However, the team is committed to ensuring that everything is working perfectly before release.

dApp Redesign: Apollo has been working tirelessly on the new dApp design, and it’s starting to look really good! Users will notice that everything is remaining on brand, with the new dApp looking identical — or at least entirely in brand with (color, font, images, etc.) — the main homepage. On top of a redesign, there should be some UI issues cleared up, like the filter button for choosing nodes.

As of now, the estimated launch for the new dApp design is looking like the middle of February due to a few additional elements added along the way.

Where We Are Going:

There are “different strokes for different folks.” Zeus is built different and the way the protocol goes about things shows. Honestly, the project isn’t in the circle of the main “avax influencooors” and that’s okay. What this means is, every single investor that is currently taking part in Zeus Finance has done their due diligence to enter without a random shill from an “internal group.” Due to the fact that each Olympian is financially and, essentially invested with time, emotion, blood, sweat & tears, there is more congruence amongst the members.

Y’all are truly “Olympians.”

Olympians are also quite aware that DeFi is on the rise — or else they wouldn’t have taken the plunge investing into the project — and with it comes the need for new protocols that can provide the security, usability, and scalability that users demand. Here comes Zeus Finance, the protocol that’s set to shake up the DeFi space with its innovative solutions.

Aegis & The Pantheon: Let me break down the vision here. This is actually alpha.

The team is determined to bring Proof-of-Transparency to the masses.


Zeus Finance is introducing a new standard of quality assurance with their program, “Aegis.” This program is the ultimate shield for users, providing guidance away from any potential threats, creating an ethical marketplace for Web3. The team behind Zeus Finance understands that trust is key in the world of finance, especially decentralized finance, and they’re going above and beyond to earn it. This program is what sets Zeus Finance apart and makes it stand out in the DeFi space. Providing other protocols with their “Proof-of-Transparency” will ensure that cryptocurrency moves ethically and efficiently between parties.

Remember, that’s not all. Zeus Finance is also the founder of “The Pantheon,” a featured ecosystem of enterprises that’s poised to revolutionize the way protocols and users interact with decentralized finance.

By having Aegis & The Pantheon move onto the blockchain, the goal is to create a user-friendly, intuitive, and easy-to-navigate platform, making researching and investing in cryptocurrency available to everyone. This is exactly what the world of decentralized finance needs, a way for the average person to understand and use it without questioning the transactions being made. Snowtrace is pretty difficult for any new user to view, right? With Aegis & The Pantheon, the complex world of DeFi is going to be made simple and secure, and there’s nothing quite like it on the market.

Zeus Finance is the future of decentralized finance. Aegis is the future of transparency on the blockchain. The Pantheon is the future of blockchain enterprise camaraderie; DYOR made-easy.

Perfect sincerity and transparency make a great part of beauty, as in dewdrops, lakes, and diamonds. — Henry David Thoreau



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